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Healthy, Strong Vaginas Make Cash

It’s true, they do. 

I speak a lot about the connection between your sexual flow and your financial flow.

And how what shows up in bed, shows up in life.

As a woman, if you are juicy and flowing in bed, you are likely to be juicy and flowing in life.

If you lubricate well and easily, and your cup runneth over, surely it will runneth over in your day-to-day existence as well.

The openness you have to being penetrated by your lover, is reflected in your openness to being penetrated by life.

The surrender that you have in bed, the depths to which you will truly let someone inside of you and be willing to lose control, is where the magic happens.

In bed and in life.

As a woman, as the feminine, your art isn’t in pushing and making things happen.

It’s in filling yourself up with goodness (and cock) and radiating pleasure from deep within.

That is how you make beauty.

And that’s what attracts more goodness and abundance into your life.

As much as I talk about strengthening the vagina (which is very important), there is also the art of softening, opening and receiving.

It’s the action of yin.

It often is imperceptible.

It isn’t as obvious as the super-yang in motion.

It’s more subtle.

The microcosm of this opening, this softening, happens in the vagina.

He prods, you open.

He pushes, you surrender.

This is the dance of yin and yang.

And it’s delicious.

It’s the only dance there is.

This opening is also the key to the deeper, internal, vaginal orgasms—how much you can soften and let someone inside.

So while having a powerful vagina means that you can lift small household objects (and a plethora of tropical fruit), it is also about having a sentient and aware vagina.

That receives.

That knows how to let good things come to it.

And all over it.

Women who study Vaginal Kung Fu talk about how their vaginas become living, breathing entities.

With desires.

With direction.

This is how it ought to be: your vagina, your compass.

This is your epicenter.

The source from which all life comes.

Let it guide you, it has the wisdom of the ages.

In its proper and flowing form, it acts as a magnet, drawing your deepest desires to you.

Love, money, career abundance.

A rich life.

That you birth.

All of it comes down to your flow.

If it isn’t flowing, it’s because you’ve dammed it up.

Your orgasms will release and undam you.

Your orgasms can change your life.

If you let them.

Here it is again: the fine art of letting, of letting go.

The more you let go, the more you receive.

This is the crazy paradox.

Your power and strength lies in your ability to open.

The more seemingly vulnerable you are, everything comes to you.

Now go spread your vaginal poetry all over the world.

Like I’ve been doing.


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