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How Much Do You Trust?

How much do you trust yourself? Your ability to sense the truth and make decisions?

How much do you trust your intimate partner? To be honest with you and share his/her deepest truth? 

How much do you trust life? To bring you what’s best for your growth at all times? If you let it.

Your ability to trust and surrender determines the depth and pleasure you can have in relationship and in life.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, the epigenetic pioneer and cellular biologist, describes what happens at a cellular level that enables us to change our genetic potential.

His work is groundbreaking in showing how thoughts are literally things.

One of my favorite metaphors from his work is the fact that a cell is either in protection or growth. It can’t be in both at the same time.

If the cell is in lock-down mode, barricading itself against potential danger, all growth processes stop.

Apply this to your life and relationships: if you exist in a state of mistrust and fear, you aren’t growing.

Trust is all about believing that there is something better out there than what you have now. Usually, you have to leap into the unknown to find it.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

~ unknown

Trust is essential to a life that expands (grows!) you.

Trust is essential for deep love and intimacy.

Trust means that there is always, always a solution: you just have to find it.

1) The first step to finding it is believing that it exists.

2) The second step is opening to it. Asking the universe to show you. Asking the universe to help you stay open to seeing it and accepting it.

What would today look like if you trusted more?

If you believed that there was some kind of benevolent flow to the universe that wanted your highest good?

Even if you don’t have a spiritual path, all you need do is look to nature: it is in a constant state of growth and forward movement. You don’t see wild animals making shitty choices: “Oh, I think I’ll jump over that cliff today.” No. Only humans do that.

What would it take to trust more in your intimate relationship?

Do you need to clear the air about an unresolved issue? Is it you who needs to learn how to let go and dive in deeper?

If you aren’t being challenged, you aren’t being changed. Trust involves breathing deeply as you leap.

A number of years ago when I was living in London, I was studying acting part-time and working part-time.

Out of the blue, I was fired from my job.

I was reeling, but the door was firmly closed. I had just enough money to collect myself and figure out what to do.

I found a full-time acting program that I really wanted to enroll in.

I auditioned for the program, killed it, and was accepted on the spot. Even though I didn’t end up pursuing acting as a career, that course was fundamental in my personal development. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the school was a haven for up-and-coming talent. Some of my alumni are household names.

Having the door shut for me by the universe and me staying open to what was next, enabled me to take the next step in my growth.

I may not have had the courage to quit my job (I found another, much more fun, part-time job, bartending in a trendy London nightclub in the evenings) and take the leap.

If there is a solution for everything, what is yours? How can you trust more to find it?

~ Kim


Image: Julie Vivien

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One thought on “How Much Do You Trust?

  1. I’ve read this 3 different times weeks apart from each other. Each time it serves as a gentle reminder.
    Reminds me to relax just a bit more and that it is all taken care of.