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10 31

How to Bring More Love into Your Life

Everyone wants to know!

It’s simple, really.

So simple that most people overlook it.

Be more loving.

Give more love to everyone around you.

When you feel low on love and sad and unloved, take tiny steps to show even one person in your sphere more love.

Even if you feel well-loved, the more love you can give to those around you, the more comes back to you.

The catch is, you have to go first.

I was driving in rush hour in LA the other day (which is almost all day, but whatever) and I was dodging traffic through an alley.

A woman was backing her car out and I thought she might not see me and would hit me.

So I honked my horn.

She lost it and leaned out her window to yell and swear at me to go around her, etc. etc.

Then she sped off.

I caught up with her at the light and rolled down my window.

I told her that I wanted her to know that I wasn’t honking because I was impatient, that it was a “courtesy honk” (if you’ve spent any time in Indonesia, you’ll understand this immediately), and that I wanted to make sure she saw me.

Her face softened and she held up her hand in peace.

I smiled at her and then she suddenly broke, saying that her cat had been at the vet’s for three days and was near death. She teared up and apologized to me.

I said that I totally understood (this was a long traffic light) and I’d been exactly where she is (with less than exemplary verbal conduct in my car…)

Now, I don’t always take the high road in encounters like this, but for some reason in that moment, I did.

And it blossomed into this beautiful moment.

We bonded.

Over her going ballistic.

Then we both drove off with more open hearts.

Because love is the most powerful weapon you have.

How many times have you lashed out at someone because you had another, more serious issue, lurking beneath the surface?

Most people lash out because they do.

It’s not always about you.

But it’s easy to get sucked in and take things personally.

If you keep yourself centered in love, and remember that love is the answer to pretty much everything, you can turn almost any situation around very quickly.

And even if it doesn’t, the fact that you handled it with love will: 1) make you feel much better and 2) bring more love back to you.

The Law of Karma is very exacting.

If you can fill your days with even a few small gestures of giving, “just because,” you’ll up the love quotient in your life.

This applies to strangers and acquaintances and of course to your lover and your family.

Sometimes it’s extending just a little more patience to your child, or a little more compassion to your lover.

Sometimes all it takes is a deep breath before you speak.

All it really takes is a choice.

To be more loving.

And to embody more love.

And it all comes back to you.


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