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How to F**k the Muse

The creative muse and women have a lot in common.

Both of them need to be fucked often, and fucked well.

So many of them are not.

This is such an epidemic in our culture: the plight of the underfucked muse and the underfucked woman.

The key to making both of them happy is a constant tending.

I wake up in the morning and even as I lie in bed, my mind dances with thoughts of her. I can feel her. She excites me.

I have love affairs with my creative projects. I am intensely loyal to them. I commit to spending time with them each day.

When I do that, they take me places I have never been before. Together, we build something entirely new.

But I have to be willing to step out into the unknown. When I sit down to write, and I do my best writing, I never really know where it’s going.

I’m open to that.

I have to be, if I want to create something new.

Sexually, you have to be, if you want to breakthrough into new territory with each other. If you want to constantly rebirth your connection, you have to be willing to dive into the unknown.

Creativity and sexuality are alike that way. They require risking what you know and throwing yourself into the void. And being open.

I do a short meditation before I sit down to write. My intention is to clear my mind and be a channel for spirit.

Ancient Tantric practices were designed to do the same: clear the space and energies to be receptive to the divine in each other.

When I fuck the muse often (daily) she gives back to me tenfold. When I sit down to write, she’s there. She’s wet. She wants to be bent over, thrown up against the wall and torn apart.

I’m happy to meet her there.

If I am absent for a few days (or God forbid, a few weeks), when I go to find her again, she’s icy. Cold. I have to jog her memory. It takes a lot of effort to open her heart, her legs and to get her creative juices flowing.

When they do, I feel I’ve embodied genius. My work feels like my magnum opus.

When you fuck the muse thoroughly and artfully, she’ll give back in ways you never imagined. She’ll mine from you your greatest seed and transform it into new life.

Consistent, daily effort. Reverence. Love and openness.

These are your tools for alchemizing the base into gold.

~ Kxx
Klimt, Water Serpents

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One thought on “How to F**k the Muse

  1. I’m so happy that you’ve been posting frequently again!

    Whenever I get scared to start writing (…often…) I write in big letters at the top of the page
    give myself a peptalk paragraph and dive in. It’s been working!