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8 29

How to F**k Your Partner from Across the Room (or Continent)

People are always asking me how to manage long-distance relationships, or times of separation within a relationship.


Keep having sex. 

You don’t have to stop just because you aren’t physically close to your lover.

There are many ways you can stay connected—even sexually connected—over space and time:

1) Phone sex.

Years ago, I was seeing a voice-fucker. He was all about the voice. He voice-fucked me so hard, I could come just from the sound of his voice.

Voices are additional instruments of penetration.

Use them.

Without visuals or touch, you can get a lot out of the voice. Sound become so heightened that the sound of your lover sighing and deep breathing and that sharp intake of breath as you nail them with some voice-fuckery can truly send you over the edge.

Get a good long-distance rate plan.

2) Skype sex.

I have depleted sex toy stores in my quest for new silicone adventures because the show must go on.

Skype sex can be amazing. You have not only the voice, but you have visuals.

And, you have the added interplay of voyeur and exhibitionist.

You have toys. You have lingerie.

There are a lot of erotic ingredients in the mix.

When I first started using Skype sex, I was amazed that afterwards I was as high, euphoric and transformed as if I’d just had in-person sex.

The next best thing to rolling over and grinding into your lover, is rolling over and flipping open your laptop.

It’s also a fun way to play with teasing your lover. They can look but they can’t touch. They can watch you come but they can’t eat your ejaculate.

Which is the only real drawback, actually.

Btw, I was recently asked by someone who is a new devotee of The Come Diet if she could freeze dry her partner’s specimens so she’d have nourishment when they are apart.

I’m a big fan of “fresh is best.”

But A+ for effort!!!!

3) Texting sex.

You can do a lot with short, sharp, shocked bits of poetry and photos.

Texting is a fabulous tool for keeping the simmer going in between everything.

A well-aimed text message can hit many spots.

And it should.

4) Energy sex.

My favourite. Years ago, when I first began studying sexual energy, my goal was to learn to make love to my partner when he was on the other side of the room, or, better still, on the other side of the planet.

Now I can.

Even science backs me up here.

Einstein’s Entanglement Theory (or “Spooky Action at a Distance”) speaks to the idea that particles which are connected continue to affect each other, even when separated by great distances.

You can communicate with your partner and send them emotions, energy and love.

And orgasms.

You can send them plenty of orgasms and lots of fantasies and imagined next-time-I-see-you encounters.

Being separated by distance is no excuse for a lull in your relationship. You can use that time to focus on other parts of yourself and your life, and come back with more to give.

And in the meantime, you can keep giving.


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