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How to Get a Million Dollars

How do you get a million dollars?


That’s what Craig Rowin did. He asked people–specifically millionaires and billionaires–to give him money. Specifically, one million dollars. For no particular reason. He said he might buy a new DVD player with the money. Or travel. He wasn’t sure.

How do you get the universe to give you what you want?


Be it a million dollars, or a billion or a healthy body or a scathingly handsome man who gives you a plethora of orgasms or a sexually insatiable woman who adores you. Ask.

Ask and you shall receive.

You can’t get it unless you ask for it. The universe cannot give it to you unless you are ready to receive it.

Why I love Craig and his story is that he simply asked, unapologetically, for what he wanted. That simple. He also asked in a big way, so much so that television stations across the nation picked up his cause and replayed his video. Oh, and a millionaire called Craig up and offered to give him a million dollars.

You gotta put it out there.

To master this essential art, I’m starting a group coaching class at the beginning of next month called “Knock it Out of the Park: Your Outrageous Life.” The classes will be all about:

  • Get clear on what you really want: I mean the big dreams especially
  • The art of asking
  • Tools for clearing any blocks that prevent receiving abundance
  • Activating your internal guidance system to help you
  • Visualizations, guided meditations and group support for attraction and manifestation
  • Group discussion and sharing

I’m not talking about just anything–the only way I can personally get excited about goals is if they are “knock it out of the park” type goals that set me on fire. It’s the art of manifesting miracles.

Knock it Out of the Park: Your Outrageous Life. 

Also, in the spirit of asking and receiving, I’m going to hold another class along the lines of “Self-Love: Attraction Within and Out.” This class will deal more specifically with attracting what we want in relationship–either bringing a new partner to us or in rejuvenating the connection we already have. We’ll focus on what’s holding you back, where you may be afraid to ask for what you really want and how to overcome those things. I’m considering doing this as a telecoaching class, meaning you can call in anytime, anywhere and participate. If you miss a class, they’ll be recorded and you can listen to them later.

Let me know your thoughts. I want to be able to serve as many people as possible, so the more feedback I get from you ASKING, the more likely you’ll receive what you want.


“A well-fucked woman is a thing of beauty.”

– Kim Anami, “The Multi-Orgasmic Woman,” Playboy, March 2010.

Are you a well-fucked woman? Do you radiate sensuality and do your hips sway with the satisfied swish and bliss of a woman who has been thoroughly, artfully and heartfully fucked?

Men, do you want your woman to be well-fucked? Trust me, you do. We can gauge a how well-fucked a woman is by how she flows in life and gushes sexually. It’s more than worth your while to put the time and effort in to making sure she is satiated, mind, body and soul. Good sex is multi-dimensional fucking. Learn how to penetrate her on every level.

This Friday: The Art of Pleasuring a Woman. Still a few places left!

If you want a preview of the discussion and you haven’t already read it, check out my Playboy article for a teaser.

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