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How to Get a Woman to Have Sex with You

Every woman wants to be penetrated and ravished by her man.

To be annihilated.

To be left breathless.

I often use the analogy of approaching a woman to have sex to show what women want and how men can give it to them:

Method 1:

Man approaches woman, eyes cast down. He fumbles over his words. “Um, honey, if you aren’t busy later, as in if you have nothing better to do, would you like to make love to me?”

Method 2:

Man approaches woman. He says nothing, but bores into her with his eyes. He slams her up against the wall, pries her thighs open with his knee, pins her wrists above her head and growls into her neck, biting her. He then throws her over his shoulder and carries her off into the bedroom.

If you ask any woman how she’ll respond to Method #1, she’ll likely say that she has laundry to do, root canals to take care of, and mother-in-laws she’d rather talk to.

Ask any woman about Method #2, and, well you won’t have to ask.

In fact, you ought never ask a woman whether she wants to have sex with you.

Instead, bring her your desire and ravage her with it.

Assault her with how much you want her.

And that will sweep her away.

She’ll drop the laundry basket right then and there.

She’ll be weak in the knees.

You’ll have to carry her because she’ll be so overcome that she can’t walk.

It flies in the face of every PC thing we’ve been taught about respecting women and treating them as equals and the like.

Of course your woman is your equal as a person.

But as a lover and in bed, this is the place where we exaggerate the yin and yang, the differences.

Not equalize them.

My yin wants your yang.

So much and so hard.

And your yang wants my yin.

So soft and so receptive.

It’s the quality of your strength, your drive, you as a force of nature in the world, that she’s responding to.

That solidity in your life, in your erection, is what sustains her.

This is her nourishment.

Without it, your woman will look elsewhere for food.

Often in actual food, when what she really wants is your cock.

Your ability to take charge, be decisive and carry out your plans—all of these things demonstrate your solidity and strength to a woman.

Your hands and cock ought to be as relentless and penetrating as your drive in life.

The most common fantasy women have is to be “taken” or “pseudo-raped.”

She wants to be overwhelmed with your masculinity.

This is the primal energy that every woman wants.

And when she feels it, she is yours.


Image: Chris Craymer

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