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How to Get Unstuck

Look, if you are feeling stagnant, one of two things is happening:

1) You aren’t having enough sex.
2) You aren’t giving your gifts to life—or at a high enough level to challenge yourself.

I have a life mantra: “If you aren’t scared shitless, you aren’t aiming high enough.”

In fitness training—especially weight training—we know that we have to change up our program every six weeks. Because at that point, the muscles have adapted to the new challenge and they are coasting.

Think about that in relation to the rest of your life. Where are you just dialing it in? If you aren’t feeling the rush of exhilaration from the shock of the new, you’re likely in stagnation.

Just like with the weight training example, if you reach into new territory, you will grow new muscles.

This will make you happy.

It makes your body feel like it’s DONE something.

When you stretch yourself creatively to express more of who you are and put that out into the world, it makes you, as a soul, feel like you have DONE something. You are fulfilling your reason for being.

As you’ve heard me say before, sexual energy is creative energy.

You can enliven your creative projects/work when you have more cataclysmic sex.

This morning, I was feeling a bit stuck. So I went and masturbated for about 45 minutes (you do coffee, I do orgasms), practiced some vaginal kung fu/aka pelvic weight lifting], so I could take that energy and blog it all out to you.

Afterward, I felt charged. While doing yoga (after the self-sex), I had to keep stopping to write creative ideas down.

Works every time.

And vice versa, you can rev up your sexual energy by kicking your creative projects into gear.

For me, this means riding whatever injection I get from my sexual encounters, and then having to just sit my ass down and force myself through the dead zone.

Inertia creeps in when you get stuck.

You will need to exert force to kickstart your engine again.

Newton says.

Accept this and commit to a day, or an afternoon for force. In fact, it might take a few weeks of focus and willpower to instill the benefits of your new habit.

Put your head down and get to it.

Once you get things in motion, and your body and psyche feel the benefits of regular sexual and creative output: i.e. Bliss, euphoria, being inspired and poetic and witty, your slim and taut body, more beauty, being a kinder and more loving person; then you won’t have to exert force anymore.

Your genitals and your mind will insist that you get to work.

Listen to them.

They know best.


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