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How to Get What You Want in Life

At the end of each year, and with the coming back of the light, I like to take inventory and envision the next year. I make goal lists, I do vision boards. I get clear on what I really want to create in my life.

If you are in a couple, you can do this for your relationship. What do you want to focus on this year? What areas of your connection need more attention?

If you are single and ready for your next love, you can do the same. What do you want? Have you cleared space in your life to receive it?

Step 1:

Have sex. Sexual energy is your creative source. If you are looking to birth something into being, this is your raw material.

I give lots of instruction on how to harness and infuse your sexual energy in my free video series’. If you haven’t already viewed them, check them out. You can sign up for them here.

Single or couple, that’s where you begin.

Step 2:

Ask, ask, ask.

Once I’m clear on what I want, then I invite the universe to help me create.

It all starts with a question.

When you put your request out to the universe—be it for an answer, a life change, or for help—keep asking.

It’s not IF you will get your answer. But WHEN. And HOW.

If you assume with full confidence that you’ll get your answer, you will be alert for when it comes to you.

If you ask, and then secretly doubt that the universe is listening to you, you have put a little protective cloak over yourself. You won’t be able to hear or see the answer when it comes.

Trust is key.

Trust that if you ask, you’ll be replied to.

Don’t just ask once and forget about it. When you persist in asking, you are reminding yourself that an answer is coming.And you’ll be more poised to catch it when it does.

Step 3:


The other morning, after I meditated, I asked for clarity on a few things. Within minutes, while I was making breakfast, I had my answer come through in a flash of intuition.

It happened so fast, and so naturally, that I didn’t even put it together that I’d gotten my answer.

Until I sat down to eat.

Then I realized it. I took a moment to acknowledge that I received the answer.

Remind yourself that the answer can come through anywhere: a post your read on a blog, a chorus from a song on the radio, a random snippet you overhear in the supermarket. From how you feel about something.

When you TRUST that the answer is coming, it leaves you more open to hear it and believe that the universe just said: “Hey! I’m talking to you!”

Step 4:


Taking action right away keeps you in the flow. When you get your answer, commit to that path. What are the next steps to move you forward? Get on it.

Make decisions based on your answer as soon as you can. It keeps you in motion, it “receives” the answer and allows you to ride on the energy of it.

It’s all about momentum.

Step 5:

Say thank you.

In the moment, acknowledge that the message was heard, loud and clear. (Of you aren’t sure it was clear, ask again).

At the end of the night, review your day. What were the questions that you asked? What were the answers you received? Write them down or mentally go through them.

By doing this, you prove and reinforce to yourself this mutual relationship with spirit. You are being looked after.

It all begins with the ask. And the orgasm. The birth of life, right?


Image: Jen Stark

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