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How to Get Your Ideas Out into the World

Everyone has ideas.

But not everyone executes.

Your ideas can float around in the ethers, never taking form.

Or, floating around until someone else snatches them up.

So take your ideas and run.

Here’s how to bring your ideas out into the world:

1) Take immediate action.

When you get the inspiration for a business, email someone, make a call— get the production in motion.

When you have a story concept, or a blog post trickle to the surface from the depths of your unconscious, get out your laptop and start writing.

The faster you do something tangible to make your idea real, the more likely it will be. Involving other people in the process—not just telling your friends about how cool it is—but enlisting people to help you build it, commits the idea to being born and it helps commit you.

2) Set impossible deadlines.

It’s tempting to put a very manageable deadline into place, far off into the future.

Or worse, not to give yourself a deadline at all.

Instead, make the deadline sooner than you are comfortable with. Much sooner.

I do this all the time.

What this does, is it garners the Goethe-like forces of the universe.

Suddenly, people, opportunities—anything that is involved with helping me reach my goal—start falling into my lap.

I’m moving at the speed of light and life feels…right. I feel like this is how life ought to be lived. All feels good in the universe.

3) Don’t wait for anyone else to approve your idea.

Here’s the thing about being an original thinker. What you are doing has not been done before.

Maybe shades of it have been, but if you are truly working with the creative power of the universe to find your own voice, there is no one else doing exactly what you are doing.

Thus, no one is going to be able to give you the ultimate stamp of approval.

Only you can do that.

And you’d better get used to doing it.

4) Stay in tune with your turn on.

Big, beautiful ideas turn you on. They excite you. They propel you forward.

In my case, they turn me on sexually as well.

Probably because I readily acknowledge the link between sexual energy and creative energy.

If the path you are taking makes you tremble with excitement, and belly-laugh at the outrageousness of it (well, these are my cue words, they may not be yours!), and get wet or hard, then you know you are on the right path. Use these high-energy feelings as your navigation.

Which brings us to:

5) If you aren’t scared shitless, you aren’t aiming high enough.

This is my life motto.

I get excited, fluttery, (something people often mistake for nervousness) palms sweaty, knees weak, and often very, very aroused when I’m at a creative precipice.

If I’m not at any kind of precipice, then I’m bored.

I look for projects and people who help me to feel like I am stepping into something unknown. They challenge me. I need that challenge to feel alive, to call out the dormant parts of myself and bring them to life.

So when if I’m not quite feeling scared shitless enough, I’ll up the ante. And try and scare myself more.

This guarantees that I’m bringing my A+ game to the table.


The beautiful thing is, when you get into motion and your creative momentum starts to carry you, it gets easier and easier to step into these huge and amazing opportunities. Because that becomes your life now.

It all starts with Step 1.

What first step can you take to move your ideas into action?


Image: Jen Stark

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