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How to Have Tantric Sex

What is Tantra? How do you have Tantric sex? 

Tantra was the first place I saw my own experiences of cataclysmic sex being reflected.

I definitely didn’t see it in any other part of the culture of my upbringing, or in the media.

My intuitive sense of sex was that it was an incredible energy portal that we could use to propel ourselves to higher states of consciousness.

And ecstasy.

And perpetual orgasms that could last for days. Oh, and lovers who could have sex for hours at a time.

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I’ve been studying and practicing this ancient art for nearly 30 years.

In today’s episode, I walk you through:

– The origins of Tantra

– What deeper Tantric sex experiences look and feel like

– Five tools you can use tonight to bring more Tantric practices into your intimate lives.

Listen to the episode now:

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In the Coming Together for Couples online Salon we go deeper into the arts of Tantra as well as:

– How to clear blocks and “feng shui” your relationship

– My step-by-step guides for giving each other healing yoni and lingam massages

– Orgasmapedia: how to have the full range of life-changing orgasms I guarantee everyone can have

– How to amp up your polarity and sexual chemistry and get the sparks flying—even if you have been together for decades

– And much more!

Sign up today and start your yoni and lingam massages tonight!

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