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How to make the world do what you want

I watched American Hustle the other night. 

If I can’t get to the beach or the forest or an epic sex weekend to recharge, then I’ll use movies.

I have to admit, my main motivation for watching was Jennifer Lawrence’s character. And the trailer with the Led Zeppelin song is sexy as f%$k.

Predictably, the only thing I really enjoyed in the film was Jennifer Lawrence. She plays a gorgeous, kinda ditzy, but wildly entertaining, bored housewife of uber-hustler Christian Bale.

My favourite scene in the entire film is when “Rosalyn” (Lawrence) confesses that she’s been reading The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. She’s been “intending” something to happen in her life and she’s happily surprised that “it works!” Just like the book and Dyer said it would.

The funny part is the juxtaposition of such an unlikely character talking about this stuff.

But it’s awesome.

When you take a look at your life and if you see elements you don’t like, you’ve created them.

You may have done it unconsciously, but you’ve done it.

We live in a culture that is terrified of personal responsibility. Or that just doesn’t take responsibility. Everything that happens to us is thought to either be random, a coincidence or can be blamed on something or someone else.

Illness, disease, financial and relationship problems. Not your fault.

But somewhere, somehow, it is.

Not being willing to take responsibility is dangerous. It leaves you open to be the pawn of someone else’s reality.

Because if you aren’t calling the shots, someone else is.

Or your thoughts are, but you just aren’t conscious that they are.

Your external world is a mirror of all your thoughts and feelings. You are the director, and the play you see before you is the result of every thought and feeling you’ve ever had.

If things aren’t going so well, and you keep tripping up and blocks seem to be appearing in your path, take a moment.

What kinds of thoughts are you thinking? What are you sending out to the world?

Whenever you feel obstructions or “bad news” coming up in your life, there are two ways to handle it:

1) Do an inventory of your recent thoughts and feelings. Are you feeling positive and projecting that into all your interactions with the world? How do you feel inside of yourself? Are you frustrated about something? Or do you have actions to take which you have avoided?

2) Look at the block as an opportunity to clear something in your space. The overt problem is bringing something to your attention so you can deal with it.

If you aren’t being cause in the world, you are someone else’s effect.

I take time out of my life and out of my day, to focus on the things I want to build in my world—in all areas. I think about them, I imagine them. I give them attention.

The more I do this, the more I actually assert what I want and imagine having it, the faster it comes to me.

When I looked at the vision board I created a couple of years back, I was amazed to see that nearly everything on it had come to manifest.

This is such a crucial aspect to life: the decision to take charge of it.

Nothing gets created without your participation in some way.

We know, from the study of epigenetics, that our thoughts create our reality. Our feelings determine the state of our health.

Our thoughts and feelings transcend genetics. In fact, genetics doesn’t stand a chance against you when you mean it.

Neither does the world.

Want to know another secret? The more you can tune into your creative, sexual energy, the easier it is to manifest things. This is the tangible life-substance of the universe, just waiting for you to imprint on it.

So go have sex (alone or partnered). And then get busy (again) on intending what you want in your life.

If you don’t, someone else will.


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One thought on “How to make the world do what you want

  1. Great post!

    That was my favorite part of the movie as well as I have been a follower of Wayne Dyer since elementary school. The funny thing is, that book was not published yet in the year the film took place. To me, it made me think that someone really wanted that reference in the movie and that made me happy. We could all use more Wayne Dyer in our lives!

    Thank you!!