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I Am in Playboy this Month

For the articles, of course.

You’ll find me, Ayn Rand and Jenny McCarthy, getting naked in one form or another. 

I’m talking about my life’s work: the treatment of hysteria, aka, the underf**ked woman.

What does she look like? How can this awful epidemic be remedied?

Find out here.

It’s the big summer issue for July/August. Out now.

Click here to read now.


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10 thoughts on “I Am in Playboy this Month

  1. This was so amazing! I learned to much from this! I think I may be a combination of a couple of the Pathologies described. It’s really great to be able to read your articles and know, okay, I’m not the only one having trouble with some stuff. lol. I love how straight forward you are about everything, you keep it real my lady. Thanks! xoxo

  2. Loved this article … although emotionally hard to read, in that women, I feel, are so culturally unsupported to express their sexual selves fully. Our sexually has been so socially cop-opted to serve the pleasure of men first and foremost and the raging damned if you do/damned if you don’t messages we receive about being sexual certainly can make it hard to let go. Appreciate the ways you are so directly yet tactfully putting this topic on the social radar.

    1. Cris, you are totally right. See Pathologia # 1! The Madonna/whore dichotomy is still alive and well.

      Unless women (and men) consciously examine and choose their beliefs around this, they’ll be operating from whatever unconscious, internalized ones they’ve picked up over their lifetimes.

      ~ K

  3. Well done Kim! Glad to see your information reaching even further! Keep on educating the masses! (Next Playboy article? I suggest a write-up about non-toxic accessories!)

  4. Awesome article Kim! So much helpful info there! If I lived in Canada I would so be coming to see you!! 🙂 Are you going to write a book one day?