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Leap and Let Go!

Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position, but certainty is an absurd one.


I made a major decision recently to let go of something that has been a massive part of my life for nearly a decade. Though there were many positive aspects to this situation, it’s time of uplifting me had long expired.

Even though I knew this consciously, I had attachments. I had fears.

I also knew that I would have to leap and trust.

I talked it out with someone who is especially good at seeing where we trick ourselves and rationalize a life and behaviours that protect, rather than serve us.

It became so clear what I had to do.

I made the decision and committed to it.

There were many doors that I needed to close in order to move on.

I watched myself spend a day not taking action, hovering in limbo. I began to get anxious and confused. I realized that in order to harness this momentum, I would have to actively take charge.

I did. I looked at the doors that needed closing and systematically attended to them. I tried not to think or analyze as I went: I just closed.

What I noticed, is that with each closure, I felt more free and centered in myself.

When we leave these doors open, our energy leaks out through them. Even if we aren’t consciously aware of it, it’s happening.

I could especially feel the difference when I closed a major door. I felt a sense of inner peace. I felt revitalized.

Closing doors to pathways you’ve moved away from gives you power and energy. Instead of leaving them partly open, in case you think maybe you’ll return, they hold you back from springing back into your new life and reality. And, it challenges us to place our trust in the universe.

A friend of mine used to be _the_ top commercial actor in a major city. He said that he never took any extra work, like the other actors he knew. By removing his safety net, he had to book each audition. And he did because he was fully committed.

We collect up the parts of ourselves we’ve scattered and bring them back home. Now we’re functioning stronger, at a higher level. With integrity. Because we’re integ-rated.

When you know, you know.

Right now, what do you know?

Act on your knowing right away. Follow your ideas immediately.

When you cut the ties from the past and seal off exit strategies, you move faster. You springboard forward.

Not only do I want you to close doors, I want you to get off on it. Have fun with it. Revel in the knowledge and slam those f**kers. With gusto and love.

~ Kim

Image: “Khazad-dûm” by claustral


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7 thoughts on “Leap and Let Go!

  1. Thank you – this reaffirmed what I did was the right decision. I let go and walked away not knowing what the outcome would be. I do know that I have the love of a great husband who has supported me throughout the process.

  2. It’s a curious dynamic of life. Letting go can feel like jumping off a cliff. And then we step into the unknown, the old falls away, and we find ourselves uplifted rather than falling. Relieved rather than scared. But yeah, sometimes we have to consciously close the doors, especially if there are others in the scene with us.

  3. Oh! where to begin! love is everywhere! really it is! my heart is open. my relationship has flourishishished. yes that’s how id like it to be spelled. its all too much. Thank you Kim. Love you back!

  4. I always get a kick out of your writing. You got me thinking what door I need to close in order to open that window… Thanks!