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Marathon Sex

I was delighted to receive the following questions from some friends of mine last week:

1. Is six hours a day too much sex?
2. Should I be worried by the fact that I am having wayyyy too much sex?
3. How many hours of sex a day for a consecutive year can a vagina take?
4. When do you know that just too much sex is not good for your vagina?

This couple has a long-distance relationship, so their sex life is a lot of feast-or-famine. Or maybe their sex life would look like this all the time. Hence the questions.

I recommend having sex at least once a day for everyone. Whether that’s an hour or six hours, it’s your decision to make. Presumably, given other life responsibilities, not every day will be six hours, so make hay while the sun shines! The next day is always a good gauge–are you tired or energized from the previous day’s exertions?

One person’s “wayyyyy too much” is another person’s drought, but at six hours a day, you are probably(? :)) in the category of safely satiated. Since in the Taoist tradition, we use sex as a means to liberate and store energy, hours of practice at a time is a good and rejuvenating thing. To ensure that a lot of sex energizes rather than depletes you, make sure that you are breathing throughout: especially intense moments and orgasm. This recirculates your sexual energy back into your body rather than ejecting it out of you. Aim for a deep belly-breath and a four-count inhale and a four-count exhale; a good Vinyasa flow breath. This will ensure that you are getting the most benefit out of your sexual experiences by unblocking any stagnant energy and allowing your juicy, rejuvenating sexual chi to flow where it’s needed.

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