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On the Verge of Orgasm

Some days I feel like I’m living at the edge of orgasm.

No, not like the women who can’t stop orgasming all day.

I mean, being at the precipice, where my body, my vagina, is pulsing.

All day. (I guess that sounds like the women who can’t stop orgasming?)

Sometimes I’ll retreat to my bedroom to self-pleasure.

Or pin my lover against the wall in the hallway and put my hand or my mouth down his pants.

Other times, I race to my computer. And write.

Because the energy that generates orgasm is the same energy that creates ideas and births them out into the world.

What we want to do is keep that energy moving. And channel it into something.

The trick is getting used to that humming, vibrating feeling of the universe f%^king you open.

Opening the vagina

The training for deeper and better orgasms (apart from “vagina-cizing”, as the Huff Po referred to my work yesterday) is learning how to live and breathe on the edge.

The life-changing sex I talk about as being the “only game in town,” involve opening wilder, wiser and wider than you ever have.

The edge isn’t only about having the courage to walk right through fear and anxiety and keep going.

It’s also about learning to accept more love, more bliss, more happiness.
How much can you take?

The most pivotal relationships in my sexual history stretched me and cracked me open.

They spun me into a vortex of pleasure, so thick, so intense, that I would be dizzy and weak in the knees for days after our cataclysmic sex.

I’ve been speaking a lot this month about “tightening” the vagina. Yet, a huge part of the work to do is on how to open it.

In the same way we think of the heart, as this energetic thing that we open, this also applies to the vagina.

We want to let go of old fears and traumas.

And constrictions.

So that love, and orgasms, can flow freely.

If the vagina is one thing symbolically, it is the organ of receiving. Learning how to open, to take in and nourish what comes to us.

Love, job offers, cock.

We take it all in.

Alchemize it.

And turn it into gold.


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