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Orgasmic Gift Guide for Her

Our highly curated and orgasmic gift guide.

Cervical Orgasms

Yes, you can buy these. In the form of our cervical dildos: Anahata and Seva.


Silk Kimono

Ta da! Welcome home. Fleur du Mal Haori Kimono.


A Brand New Vagina

What better gift could you get her—and you—than a super-powered vagina ? Deluxe Vaginal Kung Fu Yoni Egg Kit with instructions.


Meditation Tool

Cocktastic! Colourful Cocks colouring book. Use it like a mantra for deep meditation.


Pretty Pretty Things

Adorn her. From top. Les Coquines Bette Eyelash Bralette.


Pretty Pretty Things Part 2

To bottom. Lili Eyelash Thong.


Pretty Pretty Things Part 3

For a complete set. Cosabella Never Say Never Thigh-High Stockings.


A Sex Weekend

Book her a surprise weekend getaway at the dreamy Ventana Inn and Spa in Big Sur.


Get Her Juices Flowing

Luscious Anami Crystal Elixir. This elixir gets a women back in her wetness and flow: in her vagina, her bed, in work and in life. It also opens her to the letting go and surrender necessary for the deeper, life-changing, vaginal orgasms—G-Spot and cervical.


An Exotic Handjob

It’s a ring. It’s a handjob. It’s a handjob in a ring. This secret piece is designed for manual play.


Erotic cum Spiritual Art

Alpha Channeling 18×24 large print.


Raw Ruby Necklace

Indie and Harper Raw Ruby and Sterling Silver Necklace. Ruby is considered to be the spiritual warrior, in crystal lore.


A Sex Date Outfit

Agent Provocateur’s shimmery luxe Adora Playsuit Silver And Rose Gold.


G-Spot Orgasms

Akasha, hand-blown glass couture dildo. To explode her G-Spot.


Her Own Personal Muse

Muse, Anami Crystal Elixir. Muse ignites your creative flow. It gives you confidence in creating your own unique signature—the essence of you being channeled out into the world. There is a risk with being original—no one has done it before!—and this elixir gives you the courage to be the first and only of your kind. Express your true voice in work, art and relationships.



Adina Mills Raw Jewels. Crystals are most potent in their raw, unpolished form.





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