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Orgasmic Gift Guide: The Sex Weekend

I come bearing gifts: Our annual erotic gift guide.

A staple of my gourmet sex diet for singles and couples is the weekly three-hour sex date.

In addition to that, I prescribe a quarterly sex weekend and a sex week at least once a year, where you can totally dive in and focus on each other and rejuvenate your relationship.

This year’s orgasmic gift guides are full of suggestions for a weekend stay or away-cation and a week away, with nothing to focus on but each other’s orgasms.

We’re starting with the Sex Weekend.

Since you could spend the weekend in your own home, or out of it, some of these suggestions are for bedroom decor.



The Sex Weekend Gift Guide

Bodacious Sex Tonic

Explode your sexual and creative energies with these crystal elixirs.


Agent Provocateur Lingerie Set

Or what I like to call: “An outfit to answer the door with.”

Rozlyn Balconette Underwired Bra.


Rozlyn Suspender Thong







Haori Silk Kimono in Hot Pink



Erotic Bedroom Art Prints by Alpha Channeling

Visual mantras.
Two Becomes One


Harmonic Awakening



Aquamarine Pendant + Muse:

An aquamarine stone and matching elixir to ingest to facilitate your Meditate, Masturbate, Create practice.





Muse ignites your creative flow. It gives you confidence in creating your own unique signature—the essence of you being channeled out into the world.



Ralph Gibson Nude Inspo Nightstand Book

Gorgeous portraits by a master of light.


Slip Silk Pillowcase

Soft and supple.


Salacious Sex Nectar

Herbal potency to get her juices flowing.


Big Penis Book

Big or just right?


Smoking Jacket

Smokin’ hot.


G-Spot Ecstasy Salon + Akasha

Orgasmic home study with our DIY G-Spot online salon and G-Spot dildo.

Akasha $299


Shiva Wands

Anal orgasms, here you come.



Nude Yoga Girl prints

Pose inspo.
From £70





Chrysoprsase ID Bracelet For Him

The stone of taking action and getting things done.


Resurrect Crystal Elixir for Him

Harden up.
Also contains chrysoprase. Pairs well with the bracelet.


Sex Swing

For the acrobatically inclined.


Bamboo Sheet Set

Softer, more luxurious and durable than cotton.


Blushield EMF Modulation Devices

Reduce EMFs in bedroom and protect your hormonal flow.


Aromatherapy Diffuser

Spreading the love.


Sensual Aromatherapy Blends

Sensual scents: certified organic, sustainably sourced essential oils.






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