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Penetrate Me

What does it mean to be a sexually masterful man?

We can sum it all up in one word: penetration.  

Let’s review the meaning of the word penetrate:

1) to enter the interior of

2) to enter and diffuse through; permeate

3) to understand or read the meaning of something

4) to have a deep effect or impact on someone

It’s hard to read that list without getting aroused. This is one of my favourite words.

We all want to be penetrated. Deeply.

Women want a man who penetrates them emotionally and sexually.

We want your firmness, your strength and your ability to stand erect in the face of anything.

Bring it all.

Guys, I told you I was coming for you.

My next e-salon is for you: Sexual Mastery for Men.

I’ve created a free video series which acts as a preview to the salon, and is also a stand-alone in its own right, with lots of very powerful tools for you to use immediately.

Sign up here.

In this video series, we’ll cover:

– how to penetrate women emotionally and sexually

– keys to open women and allow them to surrender

– how to shag like Sting!

– Taoist secrets of sexual power for men

– sexual mastery for the single man

– why women are so turned on by 50 Shades of Grey and how you can leverage this principle to create massive arousal in your woman

– and much, much more.

Sign up here to access the free series now.



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One thought on “Penetrate Me

  1. Rock on, Kim Anami!! I love reading all of your posts on sexual mastery. 21 years old and never even been on a date, but when I do connect with that amazing woman, we are going to have a FANTASTIC time. Thanks for contributing to that.