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Are Periods and Menopause Supposed to Suck?

No, they’re not supposed to suck.

It’s an accepted idea in our culture that women are “cursed” with their “time of the month.”

Menstruation is viewed as an untimely, unsightly experience that women need to endure—like some kind of extension of the biblical punishment for the sin of having been born a woman.

Except that this is bullshit.

Prior to modern religions teaching that menstruation is impure, dirty and unholy, menstruation was considered a magical and powerful thing by cultures all over the world.

A woman’s “moon” was a time of deep introspection when she had access to the unseen realms and her own deeper self.

However, women have come to disown this power and it has inverted upon them.

And what does suppressed energy do?

It comes out in all kinds of mutated ways: depression, lethargy, pain, cramps, headaches, foggy-headedness.

There is always a cost to disowning your power.

So let’s set a few things straight here and dispel some menstrual and menopausal myths:

1) Nothing in your body is supposed to make you feel like shit as a natural course of being.

Having difficult periods or crazy menopause means that something is wrong.

You honesty think that “God” and nature set out to punish you for being a woman?

The only “punishing” has been self and societal-inflicted—absorbed by women’s psyches and bodies as truth.

It isn’t.

Pain and discomfort are signs of stuck sexual energy.

The solution isn’t taking hormonal birth control to suspend your period forever.

That’s like saying abstinence is a reliable method of birth control.

Really? Is it?

Is it even a solution?

You can find a solution.

Listen to your body instead of overriding its messages to you.

I have seen over and over again, that once women truly come into contact with and OWN their sexual energy and power, their menstrual, pre-menstrual and menopausal issues evaporate.

No pills required—only becoming a well-fucked woman.

Single, or coupled, you can still be well-fucked.

2) Your problem is a weak vagina. 

If your vagina is weak, it’s numb.

A numb vagina means you are out of touch with your own sexual centre. Your capacity for pleasure is dimmed. You aren’t operating from the magnificent power source from which you birth and create your life: your vagina.

Which means, you are operating at a deficiency.

Physiologically speaking, a weak and numb vagina means there is poor blood circulation in your nether-regions.

This means that whatever hormones that ought to be flowing in the reproductive regions, are not.

When you exercise your pelvic muscles (yo, vaginal weight lifting!), you improve blood flow and thus hormonal flow.

Better-flowing hormones means better feelings.

It also means naturally lubricating menopausal vaginas.

Because circulation = lubrication.

3) Menstruation and menopause are windows to tap into and harness your creative, psychic and spiritual power. 

For the past twenty years, I have been using a special sexual qi gong technique which makes my menstruation easy, light and energizing.

It takes the energy that is normally expelled out of the body and transforms it into creative, usable energy.

This is a conscious practice that every woman can learn.

And that I teach.

I used to suffer immensely during the second half of my monthly cycle.

Right after ovulation, I would feel an energy dip and my entire mood would plummet.

I would bloat out, gaining two – five pounds.

I would feel negative and pessimistic and had to fight constantly to see the positive in my life.
I did everything to pull myself up: nutrition, supplements, therapy, exercise, meditation.

And I would only just scratch the surface of “meh.”

It was clockwork hell, every month.

What transformed it?

The combination of: 1) Healing, balancing and owning my sexual energy, i.e. becoming a well-fucked woman; 2) Using the above-mentioned technique to harness my menstrual energy; 3) Getting a strong and radiant vagina.

Women have been brainwashed for millennia to think that they need a lab coat, a pill or a pair of stirrups to tell them the truth about their own bodies.

You don’t.

Your vagina knows.

All you need to do is listen to it.

Clear away the debris and the interference that stops this direct contact to your deepest source of wisdom, and let it flow.

These are all things I teach in the Vaginal Kung Fu Salon.

You can learn to take charge of your own body and harness your inherent power.




I’m running the Vaginal Kung Fu Salon twice this year.

With all the recent furor and hype over yoni eggs—and the constant requests we get not only to purchase eggs, but for instructions on how to use them—I’ve decided to run my 8-week online salon on all things vaginal over the summer too.

The next course will begin in mid-June (in two weeks!). It will still run in January 2018, but for those vaginas who don’t want to wait that long, you can get started now.

If you haven’t checked out the free preview video series for the salon, you can view that here.

Otherwise, stay tuned. Registration opens June 1st.


Image: Me and my vagina in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Follow us both on Instagram #thingsiliftwithmyvagina

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