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Is Premature Ejaculation a Deadly Disease?

But there is a cure. 

Welcome to Sex Mythbusters!!

This is the start of a series in which I will be debunking common sexual myths.

There are tons of them out there, preventing you from having life-changing sex.

My job is to rip these to shreds.

Let’s start with some cock truth, guys.

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual afflictions known to man.

Dr. Alfred Kinsey reported that 75% of men ejaculate within 2 minutes of penetration.

And I’d say that 100% of women don’t come within 2 minutes of penetration.

So, we have a problem.

And in fact, to reach the deeper, life-changing vaginal orgasms — G-Spot and cervical orgasms — often takes 30-45 minutes for women.

So being a member of the 2-pump chump club just isn’t cutting it.

THE MYTH here is that PE is something you can’t control.

This surely is a tragic myth, as relationships and female libidos are dying all over the world, right now.

5000 more female orgasms died just now, as I typed this.

Let’s put an end to the mythology and the lies.

YOU CAN control it.

It takes perseverance and effort, but it can be done.

Once you do, you’ll gain mastery of your cock, your woman and your life.

Click here to watch me shoot down all the lies.

Click here to watch now.

~K xx

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