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Sex, Creativity and Momentum

What do sex and creativity have in common?

To be off-the-charts amazing and produce the results you want, they require building momentum. If you’ve worked with me or attended any of my seminars, you know that I refer to this in the sensual realm as “simmer.”

If you and your partner haven’t had sex in a month, you’ll be starting at freezing and trying to melt ice. It’s much, much easier to connect and attain a pleasurable boil when you are both already warmed up.


Think of Newton’s Law of Motion: An object will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force. Once in motion, it has a tendency to keep going.

So get in motion.

The initial getting in motion can be the hard part. You need to have faith that once you get moving, the positive effects will begin to carry you. It’s like going for a run: you might have to force yourself to get out there, but after fifteen minutes, fresh air, endorphins, serotonin and other brain neurotransmitters that create happiness are now telling you that this was a good idea. And, when you commit to running three or four times a week, your body and mind are onboard and the effort of getting yourself out for a run is much less.

Because you have momentum.

Now it’s carrying you.

How to build momentum?

Schedule sex. Schedule creativity. Lust and the muse are not magical forces that visit us on a whim. We must make appointments with them. Once we do, they will show up unannounced all over the place (like in the elevator, the park, in the backseat of the car), but to develop the relationship, we need to lock them in to a time.


If not daily, then every other day.

I know for me, if I’m writing every day, my writing gets tighter, easier and more poetic. If I’m having sex every day (or nearly every day), it’s the same–it gets deeper, more pleasurable and definitely more poetic. 🙂

Even if you aren’t having intercourse every day, you could be having a make-out session in the kitchen before dinner, or a time-out for oral sex during dessert, whilst including your food in the adventure. Connect with your partner daily emotionally and physically in some way.

And connect with your muse. Carve out time each day when you commit to working on your creative projects. Give these two important parts of your life the attention they deserve and I promise you they will give back tenfold.

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