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Single and Well-F**ked

I have had some of my most well-f**ked periods of my life when I have been single.

And without a partner.

Yes, you can still be epically well-f**ked, even without a lover.

A jade egg and a dildo or two are great companions.

Or just your hands.

My definition of a well-f**ked person, is someone who is owning, inhabiting, wearing and consciously channeling their sexual energy.

They are in touch with it and are able to use it as a power and pleasure source.

You don’t need a partner to do this.

In fact, one of the most powerful things you can do to ATTRACT a high-quality partner, is to go f**k yourself.

Yes, having gourmet sex with yourself raises your vibration, opens you up to the gifts of the universe—including gifts of high-quality cock—and brings you into flow with life.

In this week’s episode, I’ll share my top five tips for being a well-f**ked single woman.

Guys, I’m coming for you next month.

We’ll also hear from this week’s Well-F**ked All Star, Charlotte, sharing one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard.

Charlotte is a WFW and VKF alumni who took these programs as a single. She threw herself into the work, and earlier this year, she manifested the man of her dreams.

Despite us being in the middle of the latest greatest viral sensation and all of the tyrannical rules that have been enacted around it, love found a way, through the restrictions and even through country borders.

Listen to the full story in this episode.

Or download and listen on the go: 

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Image: Karl-Oskar

The Well-F**ked Woman Salon

begins today!!

In this 8-week how-to-live-love-and-orgasm-in-a-female-body education you never received, you’ll learn how to:

– Master the technical skills of deep throating, anal sex and wild hand jobs and how to use these sex acts to accelerate your personal growth and transformation
– Achieve the deeper, life-changing, vaginal orgasms
– Channel your creative, orgasmic, sexual energy into your life and work, accessing your genius
– Clear sexual blocks and release your unprocessed “weight”
– Live and love in your feminine energy, accessing an even deeper and more magnetic power than you ever thought possible
– And much more!


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