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Sophisticated sex as a portal to bliss

“I think sex should be one of the main places where we can be ourselves completely, nakedly, and vulnerably,” she said. “It’s where we allow the parts of ourselves that don’t come out in day-to-day life to finally emerge.”

– Kim Anami

Hey look! It’s me. In the Georgia Straight. Talking about sex. Here’s a teaser from the interview. The full article is here.

“’If you think of your life as a pie chart, divided into sections like work, recreation, and family, your sex life ought to be a huge part of that,’ Anami said.

Tantra is a philosophy that has roots in many Asian countries, including India, Cambodia, and China, and has become synonymous with the notion of a liberated approach to sex. Sex is celebrated beyond the physical; the mental and emotional components are not only embraced but recognized as integral parts of orgasmic bliss.

Tantra’s blend of mind and body has long been familiar to Anami, who has practised martial arts for most of her life.

‘I’m fascinated with the awareness, cultivation, and exchange of energy,” she said, “and my martial-arts studies have helped develop that in me.’

Anami prides herself on the clean, healthy life she leads, which includes organic foods, daily meditation, preventive and alternative medicine, and, of course, a good dose of amazing sex.

For Anami, fantastic sex comes down to the ability to surrender to one’s hedonistic and sensual side, and do so without judgment or shame.”

– Interview by Shadi Elien

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