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Tales of Legendary Supercocks

There are normal, every day cocks.

And then there are supercocks.

Beyond human, with preternatural abilities.

The cocks of legend.

Let’s talk about them. These real-life supercocks.

Cocks that have spent time in my life and my bed.

Cock #1: 

Genus: Venture Capitalist
Species: Alpha male
Habitat: Boardrooms, private jets

Cock #2: 

Genus: Professional Athlete
Species: Alpha male
Habitat: Outdoors

Cock #3:

Genus: Corporate Lawyer/Senior Partner/Ambassador
Species: Eminence grise
Habitat: Tall, tall buildings and very long, wine-filled lunches and ski hills

Now what makes them the stuff of legend?

Was it their size?

Out of the three case studies, only one of them had a cock so large that it required being carried across the room when it was naked. The weight of it would  simply unbalance his body.

Incidentally, none of these guys ever wore underwear. That just occurred to me. They were all about freedom, everywhere.

In life and in cock.

The other two had average or just above average-sized cocks.

So no. It wasn’t about physical size.

The power, the strength, the legendary status was in the wielding.

Let’s take a look at a few supercocks.

Despite diverse backgrounds and characteristics, here are some qualities they share:

1) Stamina. 

Cock that can go the distance. These guys don’t stop until they get the job done. That means countless hours on the job until the succeed. Whether that job is the closing of a deal, or a new personal best, or tending to my vagina, they followed through.

They could fuck for, and wanted to fuck for, hours.

They realized the importance of fucking and sexual affection and a love connection to their success.

Like I say, it’s not that behind every good man is a woman.

Au contraire.

Behind every good woman is a man, on his knees, ferociously thrusting and giving her everything he’s got.

Mr. Eminence Grise would sometimes make love to me 10-15 times a night. We would barely sleep, but be so energized from our sessions together. He’d bound out of bed at 5am, to sit in meetings all day and then meet me for dinner in the evening.

And then we’d do it all over again.

2) Focus and drive.

All of these cocks were self-made. They had humble origins and they showed considerable gumption, determination and talent from an early age to go out and get what they wanted out of life.

They are the kinds of people who make their own rules.

And don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about them.

Which makes them all the more attractive.

Mr. VC takes over every room he’s in. And you just succumb, because the charisma is so thick, so seductive, why would you say no?

His cock is like that too.

3) Consistent fuck-annihilation ability.

What is fuck-annihilation? The ability and desire to fuck the shit out of your woman.


When you really fuck-annihilate someone, you fuck their demons away.

You obliterate them with so much love, intensity and cock thrusting that nothing except for pure love and bliss can remain.

When your woman is antsy and what she really needs is for you to haul her into the bedroom and bend her over and slam her into the headboard until she cries tears of ecstasy, then you’ve done your duty as a man.

Eddie Murphy tells this amazing story in either Raw or Delirious about the proper annihilitic fucking of a woman. When you are done, she ought to be on her knees, looking at you like you are God.


“It’s your pussy,” she sobs. “It’s YOUR pussy!”

Yep. He’s earned it.

4) Supercock in bed, supercock in life. 

All of these guys were cock masters. They had infinite and intuitive cock knowledge. They were amazing at energetic sex, i.e. the ability to penetrate your lover without even physically touching them.

They were guys who had so honed their gut feeling in life and in their chosen arenas. They also had the same kind of instinctual ability in bed.

Each of them was at the very top of their game professionally.

And sexually.

The athlete pulled crazy, miracle- and odds-defying acts out of his back pocket on a daily basis. Stuff that goes against the laws of physics and nature.

Or utterly unites with them.


It’s just who he is.

The man begets the cock begets the man.


Can this stuff be taught?

These guys had a kind of drive in them from an early age. Were they born this way? To some degree, maybe. But they built up the balls and courage and skill over a lifetime of being bold, taking chances and accumulating their victories. And rising out of their defeats.

It’s all about being a masterful man.

In life and in sex.

In cock we trust.



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If you still have questions, let’s talk!

To view the replay:

Password: sexual

See you there!


And remember: In Cock We Trust

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2 thoughts on “Tales of Legendary Supercocks

  1. KA-

    Just stumbled upon your site. I’ve been glued for an hour – reading you’re material. You’re drive and willingness to show what sex is all about is relentless. Hopefully soon I can join up on a retreat.