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Tantra: Living on the Edge

Tantra is all about getting to the edge and staying there.

For hours.

For years.

Sting popularized Tantra when he let it be known in an interview that he could make love to his wife all night He’s since admitted that he was exaggerating.

Which isn’t to say it can’t be done.

It can.

One of my all-time favorite lovers was a man in his fifties. He was able to make love for hours at a time. Literally. We would be up most of the night, save for the occasional 15-minute power nap and then he would sprint off to his high-powered job in the morning, brimming with energy and enthusiasm.


His secret was knowing how to move and recirculate his sexual energy, via some very basic Tantric and Taoist techniques.

Sexual energy is a massive, underused power source, and most people have no clue how to tap into it.

He did.

And made me a very well-fucked woman because of it.

The way to harness this energy is to get to the edge of orgasm and stay there. Learn to get comfortable there. You put yourself in the place where you don’t know if you can take the intensity, the pleasure, the depth and you stay even longer.

That edge also represents vulnerability. Commitment. Showing up. Endurance. Thinking that you can’t go any further and then you do.

That’s transcendence. You break through into another dimension of pleasure and another dimension of yourself, that you didn’t know was there.

That’s what I love most about Tantra.

We become addicted to peaks and valleys in our lives, and in sex: a build, a climax and then a descent.

As we get more masterful at living: controlling our attitudes to remain positive, no matter what; and at loving: allowing ourselves to stay in the pleasure zone, no matter what, then we’re able to remain at a high, powerful, energized place.

For hours.

For years.


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