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The 3 Best-Kept Secrets of Killer Erections

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It’s not what you think.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of both having lovers in their 50’s and of course clients in that age range as well.

I’ve been wildly delighted to find that these men still have insanely high libidos and wickedly strong erections.

In fact, they were more sexually adept (of course), desirous and full of stamina than their much-younger counterparts.

What was their secret?

It wasn’t Viagra.

In fact, these guys never used—or needed—the stuff.

It wasn’t their health or their diet, per se. I saw these guys eat stuff that is the opposite of every “healthy eating” recommendation and thrive both mentally and sexually.

It wasn’t exercise either, though none of these guys was in the obese category. Some of them exercised regularly and some didn’t.

No, their raging erections and raging libidos came down to a few things:

1) Life purpose fulfilled. ??

Without exception, each of these guys had found their dharma in life—that is, their work, their vocation, their channel for giving their gifts in the world.

I often talk about the dual meaning of the word libido:

a) our drive to be sexual

b) the psychoanalytic definition by Freud and Jung: our life force, how we show up in the world.

“The free, creative–or psychic—energy an individual has put toward personal development or individuation.” ~ Jung

I love that definition. And I see it in action all the time.

The people who are most strongly connected to their gifts and are expressing them out in the world in a big way, have the most unbridled expression of sexual energy.

Potency breeds potency.

The men who are the most ferociously sexual and have potent erections, live potent lives. They exercise power and have plenty of room to do so.

They are kings.

And so are their cocks.

2) The killer masculine.

Modern man is constrained.

Men are forced to inhibit a lot of their wilder selves, and this inhibits their erections.

The men I’ve seen who rocked their erections, had space to let their true, animalistic and raw natures come through.

Whether it was the animal kingdom of the boardroom (I knew one man who wore skull and crossbones cufflinks as an intimidation tactic) or the arena of competitive sports, these men had places where they could be unabashedly fierce.

And their fierceness was welcomed.

That unbridled fierceness extends itself into unbridled, relentless erections.

And into a man’s ability to “take” a woman, without hesitation.

Which is really a woman’s deepest desire.

To be obliterated by her man.

To be knocked out cold, thrown over his shoulder, and ravaged.

It isn’t the act so much as the invitation.

3) Heart.

These men, despite their ruthlessness, despite their ability to lay waste to their enemies and get whatever they wanted in life, had passionate hearts.

And softness within the hardness.

Or rather, soft in the right places and hard in the other ones.

All they really wanted, and were fed by, was love.

And love, as the unifying, creative and most powerful force in the universe, just made it all stronger.

Like their drive.

And their erections.

It all came together in their ability to love deeply.

I’d say that all three of these ingredients need to be there to have killer erections that last well into your 70’s.

It’s totally possible.

And a worthy goal.

For a woman to truly open, she needs to feel that a man is harder than her. Hard, hard, hard and can handle the very softest she can give him.


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