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The Art of Pleasuring a Man

In the Sexual Savant Salons, the idea is to inspire people to prioritize sex in their lives. Giving people a compendium of techniques is useless if they aren’t willing to use them. So first, inspire. Then educate.


Oral sex is incredibly good for you. Really. It’s emotionally bonding and the fluids you exchange with your lover are considered in Taoist thought to be the prime distillations of each others’ yin and yang essence. It balances you.

Some women dislike fellatio. Some men dislike cunnilingus. Why? How has that come about? And, more importantly, how can we change it?

I had a lover years ago whom I utterly adored. Every inch of his mind and body, I coveted. Prior to him, I’d enjoyed going down on my partners – I liked the pleasure it brought them and I liked the act. But I didn’t *love* it. With him though, I fell *in love* with it. I suspect it was the fact that I truly wanted to eat him up that translated into the love of oral sex. From him onward, it’s been an act I love.

There’s a level of intimacy and surrender inherent in oral sex that has to be there for it to take on a life of its own. If you aren’t deeply surrendered to your partner, or the act, it will always be lacking.

In The Art of Pleasuring a Man, we will discuss techniques, angles, positions and how to make all varieties of sex even hotter for you and your lover. There are tricks to the deep throat and we’ll cover those. And, we’ll go into the workings of the inner man and talk about how you can amp up sexual polarity to increase your chemistry and sizzle. The salons are all designed to be interactive, so bring your questions. Plus, organic wine, Kama Sutra chocolates, truffles and sushi. Spots are still open for Tuesday evening’s salon, May 4th, 6pm.

Drawing: ‘Girl Talk’ by Gary Slipper

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