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The Edge

I was in a Pilates class the other day and the instructor talked about how the edge is where transformation happens. In any kind of physical training, the only place where real change occurs is out of our comfort or plateau zone. We must push ourselves to our edge. And beyond.

This applies to our own personal growth – emotional, spiritual and intellectual. I know myself that when I’m putting myself out there in the world and taking risks, this is when I’m growing the most. It doesn’t happen any other way.

I use as a mantra: ‘If you aren’t scared shitless, you aren’t aiming high enough’, because I know that when my heart is beating with nervous excitement, I’m in the zone of something new and transformative. I truly believe, that as in nature, nothing can remain in stasis. Everything is either growing or dying. And so we choose with everything we do to either move forward or step back.

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