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The Gifts You Have to Give

Are you giving your true gifts? 

In the two-month sabbatical I’ve just taken, I focused on unplugging as much as possible.

The universe stepped in to assist me at times: 1) my laptop died; and 2) we were in Indonesia during the wet season (think monsoon/thunder/lighting that shakes the house) so depending which island we were on, the power went out daily.

Excellent reinforcement.

I kept my mind off work because I’m a firm believer in work hard, play hard. The harder you play, the more rejuvenation you bring back to your work.

Getting back into work again has shown me just how integral “giving” is in our lives.

Specifically, giving our gifts.

There is a Sanskrit word, “dharma” which I really like.

It has a few different meanings, but generally is thought to mean how we give our gifts to the world. How we take our own unique blueprint and channel it to be of service.

It also means “that which supports or upholds us.”

It’s this latter meaning which intrigues me.

The idea is that when we mine and express our talents, we are fed.

Here’s an important point:

When you truly connect with your own unique gifts and you consistently express them, it doesn’t feel like “work.”

It feels like you have fallen in love.

You obsess over that love.

You want to f**k that love.

And it f**ks you back.

How do you know if you’ve fallen in “gift/dharma” love?

You make money.

Money is energy.

It is the currency of the universe which tells you whether you are on the right path, whether you have dug deep and courageous enough to bare your gifts to the world.

The world reimburses you.

If you are financially troubled, chances are that you aren’t expressing your true gifts. Or the path meandered somewhere.

When you are on target, your financial affairs reflect that.

It’s an excellent barometer.

I know that in my own life, I am continually called upon to reach my edge. This means I have to be bold in sharing my message. And I have to do it a lot.

It’s the thing that keeps me balanced, strong and abundant.

I’ve said before that in nature you can only be growing or dying.

You can’t hide in stasis.

To grow means to put yourself out there and rise to the challenge of expressing your gifts and your dharma.

The other way you know you are on track is if your life turns you on.

When you are in love with your “work” and you are making money, you will also feel sexually ravenous.

I feel waves of desire that bowl me over, sometimes in the middle of the street.

My belly tingles, my vagina swells and my thighs drip wet.

Then I know everything is lining up.

Use these checkpoints to ask: are you expressing yourself to the degree that all of these things show up for you: like sexual desire + money?

The universe is ruthless with me. If I back down even a bit, my life force wanes.

I have to keep pushing the bar not just to feel sexual and alive, but to feel sane.

So ask: Are you giving your true gifts?


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2 thoughts on “The Gifts You Have to Give

  1. Thank you for this great post!
    Since I have read it, I can’t stop thinking about Saint-Thomas’ beautiful quote: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”.