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The Power of Commitment

“One thousand half loves must be forsaken
to follow one whole heart home.”

~ Rumi 

The whole heart is what’s going to take you into greatness.

Whether it’s in relationship, an exercise program, the desire to love yourself more; what matters most is how fully your throw yourself into it, without holding back.

If you are hedging your bets, even at 99%, you are still at a disadvantage.

It’s only once you leap into 100% or 150% territory that you change the game.

You change yourself.

Two of my clients this week spoke to me about the power of their commitment. I’ve been working with each of them for several months. They’ve been making fabulous progress, in my opinion.

However, they were still experiencing setbacks. They weren’t launching into the golden zone.

They weren’t fully committed.

Both of them came back to me and said they decided to take on the 30-day sex challenge I issue.

If you haven’t come across it yet in my work, I suggest that to kickstart a new intimate chapter, couples—and singles—commit to 30 consecutive days of sex.

What’s also involved in that is maintaining the emotional communication that keeps everything ticking.

Even after a few days into the challenge, both of them reported back having had the best sex they’d had in years. And possibly ever.

What happened?

Of course the daily habit is great. Of course they are discovering all kind of new techniques for keeping the flow going between them.

More importantly, some subtle, but magical and oh-so-powerful shift took place when they both committed.

They were ‘all in.’

The universe rewards ‘all in.’

It picks you up and hoists you over the mountain and sets you a-flight.

You know there is no turning back. And when you know that, you’ve mastered the secret of the universe. Because you aren’t afraid to die; metaphorically, or literally.

And the universe likes that.

Because when we commit that hard, and we extinguish all of our back burners, we CANNOT PREDICT the outcome.

We cannot control the outcome. We have to be courageous and leap.

The universe likes that too.

And rewards it amply.

So where are you avoiding commitment? Where are you afraid of really knowing what’s on the other side? Of getting a clear answer?

I’m telling you, all of your power lies in that place.


Women, now I’m talking to you.

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Now’s your chance.

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You asked. I answered.


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3 thoughts on “The Power of Commitment

  1. I am ALL IN baby! 😀 All in with – ME, my life, my dreams, my desires, my love and lover, and I will attract in that which is ALL IN to me!! Thank you Kim!