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The Sex Prayer

“The anxiety of falling in love could only find repose in bed.”

This is one of my favorite quotes from my favourite fiction book in the world: One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

That quote says everything about love and sex and why sex is the glue.

Because when you open yourself to someone so deeply, and make yourself blindly vulnerable, the only place you can ballast yourself is in bed.

Over and over.

This is your medicine; the only balm for living in such vulnerability.

In your achingly raw state, you come together and surrender to each other once again.

This surrender is your perpetual mantra.

You give it all up, you throw it all into the fire and are reborn anew.

You die daily.

So you can live more freely.

The payoff for the surrender is that you become impervious.

Your surrender opens you to a protection and spiritual power that you never knew existed.

The Taoists talked about the daily morning and evening prayer.

The sex prayer.

Every morning, the couple connects in sexual love. They bathe themselves in its power for the day.

Every evening, they seal the day with another lovemaking session. Entwined, they drift off into the netherworlds together, fortified for the night’s journey.

Your bed, your sex prayer, becomes your sanctuary and the place that revives you.

Everyone is afraid of the melting.

Of losing themselves.

But it’s the only way to find yourself.

The only parts of you that can burn away are the false ones.

The deeper you surrender, the stronger you become.

You emerge from it, armored with a cloak of love that can defeat anything.

And create anything.

To pray is to ask. To expose your deepest desires and have them be witnessed.

To lay bare all that you want.

To pray is to have communion with. To let your spirit be seen, unsheathed.

So go to bed and pray.

Get on your knees and pray very, very hard.


Image: Sam Taylor Wood

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4 thoughts on “The Sex Prayer

  1. Absolutely beautiful spiritual deep. I will embrace this and be this when I re unite with the one whom my soul loves.

    Thank you