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The Sexual Savant Salons

The Sexual Savant Salons are a series of hedonistic and informative evenings presented by experts well-versed in the sensual arts. Imagine a beautifully appointed salon lit by candlelight, soft music playing and drinks flowing.There will be a 60-90 minute multi-media and interactive presentation-cum-performance art on the evening’s topic, followed by an open question and answer/discussion period and mingling. In this relaxed environment amongst friends and lovers, attendees will learn new sensual techniques to ignite their love lives. For a description of upcoming salons, click here.


In our sexually bipolar society we are constantly inundated with images of sex. Yet, we are discouraged from openly discussing and exploring our sexuality. The purpose of these salons is to educate in a playful, informative and fun way. I’ve so far created a series of eight salons that I think in their entirety, would contribute to making someone an exceptionally well-rounded and knowledgeable sexual being. These evenings will be full of depth, authenticity and self-discovery. I’ll go into techniques and also the philosophy behind different acts. For example, did you know that oral sex is extremely healthy? According to Taoist sexual philosophy, our genital emissions contain concentrated, potent forms of our respective yin and yang essences. Ingesting them is incredibly balancing and rejuvenating for us.

In that salon, (The Art of Pleasuring a Man/Woman) something we’d also go into is what to do if you currently don’t enjoy oral sex. How can that be changed? I can give you all the techniques in the world, but if you don’t enjoy going down on your partner, the techniques are irrelevant. For good measure though, I’ll give you some anyway 😉

I’ll add the salons as events on my Facebook page so you can keep track of when they are coming up. The whole series kicks off April 20th with The Multi-Orgasmic Couple.

Image: L’Academie des Dames by Nicholas Choirier, circa 1659.

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