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The Solo Sex Date Gift Guide

Whether you are buying for your hot, single friend, or simply stocking up on your on intimacy accoutrements, here are our selections for cultivating and attracting love and passion—self and other.

Sexual Quantum Leaps

Tools to get there. Faster. Or slower, as the case may be!

A Golden Vagina
When your friend needs a new one, this is what you get her.
Anami Yoni Egg Kit + Salonette

Creative and Sexual Genius Unisex Elixirs
These trinity contains crocoite—known as the most powerful sexual crystal on the planet.
Pure passion to stoke all your fires.
Bodacious Anami Crystal Elixirs


A G-Spot Orgasm
Because friends don’t let other friends not have G-Spot orgasms.
Akasha: The Anami G-Spot Whisperer Couture Dildo

Sexy Mama
For the mamas to get all their juju back.
Sexy Mama Crystal Elixir



Anami Alchemia Shop Gift Card
Give the gifts of libidos and orgasms to all your besties.




Crystal Ultimate Guardian Onyx Pendant for Him
Russell Brand, Tom Hardy and Ronnie Wood all love them.
Rock and Raw

Crystal Ultimate Garnet Guardian Ring for Him

Maritime Compass Amulet with Black Diamond for Him
David Yurman

Crystal Ultimate Guardian Mint Amethyst and Rose Gold Pendant for Her

Opal Inlay Heart Necklace for Her
Jen Meyer Jewelry

All-Natural Perfumes + Colognes
Perfume is the new smoking. Eschew the endocrine disruptors and seek true aphrodisiac scents in the form of pure essential oils.
Strange Invisible Unisex Perfumes



Organic and Orgasmic Bedding

Beautiful linens. All clean so you can get dirty.

Coyuchi Organic Duvet Cover and Sheet Set



Sexual and creative.

Helmut Newton’s Sumo

Taschen’s New Erotic Photography

Not Giving a F**k and Expressing Your Truth
Our Muse Crystal Elixir evokes your own personal, creative voice and signature. Helps you to not give a f**k. Which is one of the most attractive things.
Muse Anami Crystal Elixir


What… Are You Wearing????

Everyday adornments. Even if it’s just for you.

Savage x Fenty Dotted Mesh Bralette


Savage x Fenty Dotted Mesh Thong


Velvet Short Robe
Savage x Fenty

Silk Boxers
Derek Rose

That Hot Bod Doesn’t Make Itself

Yoni Steam Day at the Vagina Spa
A girl’s day out.


For Pumping and Thrusting
The most stylish activewear around.
P.E. Nation Gift Card


Anger Management
Take out the anger in the gym, but still bring some of it home to bed.
PE Nation Boxing Gloves

Gorgeous, Natural Breasts
Living Libations Breast Massage oil


And my breast massage video:


A Facial
Just add…
Rose Quartz Facial Roller by Herbivore


Hormonal Flow
Because hydration keeps everything flowing better.
Vita Juwel Love Crystal Water Bottle

Sexual Feng Shui

Space clearing.

The Ultimate Self-Love Bath
Seriously, nothing beats this. Wash away the old and attract the new.
Rose Quartz Bathtub

Striptease Candle
To accompany your self-pleasure sessions.
Heretic and Dita von Teese came together to create the Scandalwood candle. When heated, the ink disappears to reveal the sublime Dita, bare. When cool, her clothes reappear again. All non-toxic, natural scents. Genius. And hot AF.

Orgone Crystal Pendant
Keep your energy field clear and clean.

Ovary and Testicle Protector
A giant slab of black tourmaline from Energy Muse.
Thought to protect against EMFs, and thus shield your delicates from radiation, keeping them in tip top hormonal potency.


A New Heart
Tabala rasa and love attractor. Fastest way to heal a broken heart, with dioptase crystal elixir.
Heartbreak Healer by Anami Crystal Elixirs







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