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The Ultimate Foreplay Guide for Men

Ultimate foreplay is a brazen mix of what you do inside the bedroom and what you do outside of it. 

I say brazen, because you need to think outside the box.

For unlimited entry inside the box. 🙂 

Your job as a man is to open her and keep her open.

Here’s how:

1) Do what you say you are going to do. 

I saw a truism on Instagram. I’m not sure the source; it had been regrammed thousands of times. That is, thousands of vaginas in unison, saying “Yes!”

“Nothing is sexier than a man who does exactly what he says he’s going to do.”

All of your actions are telling your woman:

“You can trust me.”


“You cannot trust me.”

Every time you follow through with your word and honour your promises, your trust factor goes up.

Guess what female sexual quality correlates with trust?


The more she trusts that you will catch her when she falls, that you represent a safe space for her to open up her heart and vagina to, open she will.

The deeper, life-changing orgasms for women—cervical, G-Spot, squirting—all require a large degree of trust.

2) Be decisive. Claim her. 

A fumbling, apologetic, permission-asking lover is not sexy.

A woman wants to be claimed:

“You’re mine!”

Growled into the neck, grabbed by the head hair, or pubic hair (if you’ve got any), and thrown over a shoulder and tossed down onto a bed, or up against a wall.

How solid are you?

How solid is your erection?

Your ability to stand erect in all ways is arousing to her.

Annihilate her with your love.

3) She has other body parts. Spend time with them. 

For most men, physical foreplay is a cursory glaze over a breast and a nipple and then a deep dive into the vagina.

For most women, this is boring.

And isn’t going to make her that wet.

Not that women don’t like to fuck.

They do.

The issue is, that women can fuck for hours.

But when all you offer them is three minutes of pumping action, they are going to start saying “No” more and more often.

Women really are insatiable.

Once you wake them up.

Think of her like a… fuse box. The more switches you can turn on, the more lit up she’ll be.

Throat, neck, collarbone, whole breast (yes, attached to the nipple is an entire breast with sensory potential that you can massage and caress), nipple, her mouth, tongue, inner thighs, outer labia, inner labia and buttocks.

4) Openings. 

And then there is all the fun you can have at openings.

Openings are meant for teasing.

Instead of jamming something into them immediately, draw things out. How much can you get her to beg to enter her, rather than enter her too quickly?

Oral, vaginal, anal.

Tease out the penetration.

5) Labia, labia, vulva. 

Sounds like a chant.

It is.

The magical incantation that grants you access to the inner sanctum.

Apart from the over-acknowledged and under-gratifying clitoris, these other anatomical players are often ignored.

Read: everything that exists to a 3-inch radius around the vaginal opening.

Play with it, stroke it, lick it, massage into it.

All kinds of stuck energy can gather in these areas and the more you release it, the more you open her.

These are places she may never have been touched, because, you know, many people think only of the clitoris as a pleasure centre.

6) Fuck her for a long fucking time. 

I know, you probably think that once you are inside, that’s the endgame.

It’s not.

If you are fucking her properly, you’ll be in there for a while.

Minutes. Hours. Maybe even days.

In that case, you can even divide up the fucking into an epic narrative: foreplay, climax, mini-denouement, climax and climax and climax and mini-denouement and foreplay and climax and…

That’s Anami-style fucking.

That is life-changing sex.

And that’s what I’ll teach you to do in Sexual Mastery for Men.


The Sexual Mastery for Men Salon is now open for registration! 

In this 8-week online immersion, you’ll learn all about how to foster the emotional and phsyical stamina to fuck your woman to smithereens.

And then some.

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