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The Worst Crime is Being Boring

“The worst crime is being boring.”

– Ricky Gervais

I love Ricky Gervais. Love, love, love him. He is so unabashedly, unashamedly himself. Which can be unnerving for some people. Say what you like–he is never, ever boring.

I was on Breakfast Television this morning to discuss spicing up your sex life and even more so in light of Valentine’s Day coming up. I encourage people to eschew the dinner, the flowers, the chocolates–all disposable items–and focus on creating an experience instead. An unforgettable one.

Which is what I did with Riaz on the BT couch.

I told the audience that V-Day really is for women. Men, take charge and make plans for the day or the night or the weekend. To demonstrate, I took charge with Riaz. I blindfolded him, then handcuffed him and tied his hands behind his back.

Take control.

worst crime

Your sexual relationship is the place to expand your boundaries of who you think you are. It’s where you ought to and can let the truest, rawest, most vulnerable expression of you emerge. You can self-actualize through your sexual exploration and become more of who you are.

The thing is, when you are truly yourself, you aren’t boring. It’s not possible. You are only boring when you are not yourself.

Which is why, today, with Riaz, I went for it. Because I’m all about sitting on his lap, tying him up and giving him and 50,000 odd viewers an avenue into something different. If I’d held back and played it safe, it wouldn’t have been me.

Trust me, it wasn’t boring.

I’ll post the clip next week.

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