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This is why you are broke, depressed, overweight.

You’re undersexed.

Or, you are having lots of junk-food sex instead of gourmet sex.

If sex isn’t leaving you feeling rejuvenated, ecstatic, balanced and fed by a deep, deep source, you’re doing it wrong.

Over the years, in working with thousands of people, I see over and over again that the missing piece in their lives is powerful sex.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that sex is a small part of our existence.

Yet, that power, that life-force energy is the key to a life well-lived.

When that power is truly harnessed and infused into every part of your life, you feel:

– motivated and productive
– a sense of well-being
– positive feelings towards other people
– calm and relaxed
– connected to yourself and others
– sexually turned on and receptive
– it’s easy to follow through on your desires
– confident and sure of yourself
– no more anxiety

When you are undersexed, or gorging on junk-food sex, the misuse of that powerful energy wreaks havoc like a nuclear explosion.

I’m serious.

Everything in its wake is affected: your financial life, your social life, your career, your children and of course, your marriage.

All that can change. And it can change fast.

For years, I’ve been hosting “salons.” These are in-person gatherings where I guide a group of people deeper into their sexual selves. The evenings are lively, intimate and transformative.

Now I’m doing these online.

You’ll have me on video, giving you all that you need to overhaul your sexual relationship your yourself and others.

Every week, there’s a live Q+A call where I troubleshoot with you anything that comes up along the way.

And there’s homeplay.

I’m starting with women, because women often have more sexual blocks to overcome than men. Not because they’re naturally less sexual; not at all.

Women are naturally voracious.

I’m just helping them to remember that.

I’m putting the best of what I’ve got—over 20 years of sexual and spiritual tools—together so you can leave your sexual frustrations behind forever. You can become the lively, radiant, sensual being you were always meant to be.

Come on over and I’ll show you how

I held a free teleseminar this week on the topic.

To listen, click on the link or right click to download:

Teleseminar Link



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