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Top 5 Turn-ons for Women

The process of opening a woman is a many-layered thing.

The most delicious seduction is the act of penetrating a woman, making her wet and hungry for you, before you even lay a hand on her.

Never mind inside of her.

The best lovers know this.

All of the things that you do throughout the day either act to open your woman, or shut her down.

How do you keep your lady in a state of perpetual wetness?

Listen up.

1) Take the lead.

Make plans, make dinner reservations, even order her food for her sometimes—because you know what she likes, right? Hold doors for her, guide her gently over a puddle or away from the curb. Grab her hand as she’s about to walk into traffic and hold her by your side.

What you are doing is constantly communicating: I’ve got this. I’ve got you.

You’re a man with a plan.

One of the key things women are always “testing” for is your strength. If she falls, will you catch her? If she opens wildly, deeply and abandons herself to you emotionally and sexually, will you honour that? And hold the space for her?

That is the question.

And all the ways you demonstrate that in every part of your life, are the answer.

2) Sexual skills.

You want to please her and you are good at it.

How many orgasms do you give her? A fuckton.

Do you take her to wild, transcendent places where she is screaming and crying and you wonder if maybe you’ve hurt her?

Nah, you’ve probably just done your job.

You truly enjoy fucking her open. This means that for you sex isn’t just a way to relieve stress or something to do to help you get to sleep. Sex isn’t just about you getting to your orgasm and then passing out. That’s the most basic—and selfish—use of sex.

Sex ought to energize you and change your life. If it doesn’t, you are doing it wrong.

You owe it to yourself and your woman to fuck her well and thoroughly. When you do, she’ll give you everything in return. She’ll support you, love you, give to you in ways you don’t even understand. She becomes your secret weapon and your superfuel.

As I like to say: it’s not that behind every good man is a woman… au contraire. Behind every good woman is a man, on his knees, ferociously thrusting and giving her everything he’s got.

3) Do what you say you are going to do. 

Even if it’s something small, like taking out the garbage because you said you would, every time you you follow through, you build trust.

If you fall, I will catch you.

This is your mantra.

If you pull back, she’ll pull back. It’s that simple.

4) Ravish her.

Contrary to PC ideas, no woman wants you to ask permission to make love to her.

At least not in a consensual, ongoing relationship.

You make your move, and if she’s really not into it, she’ll let you know. But if you approach her haltingly and you fumble, she’ll dismiss you on principle.

Because what is your energy communicating?

If you fall, I won’t catch you.

Do you get the recurring theme here yet?

Better move: Pick her up, throw her over your shoulder, and carry her into the bedroom.

Annihilate her with your love so there’s no missing it.

She wants to feel your relentlessness.

5) You love her.

Love, like a verb.

You demonstrate loving her. You aren’t afraid to show it. Verbally, in writing, with affection, in that you prioritize your relationship, you rave about her to other people.

These things aren’t about boosting her ego.

They are about making her feel safe.

You can’t “show your love” too much.

This isn’t a power game. The more you show it, the more you win.

When she feels your love wrap itself around her like a protective cloak, it reinforces on a daily, hourly, basis that it’s safe for her to open and love you.

Women need this daily wrapping.

And fucking.

So give it to them.

These are the things that open hearts and part legs.

And create a geyser of natural lubricant that will soak your sheets.

Give it to them, and they’ll give back and turbo-charge your life into another dimension.

I can show you how.

The Sexual Mastery for Men Salon is now open for registration. This 8-week program is your ultimate guide to boost your own sexual skills and confidence and to learn tools to continually open and penetrate your woman, in every possible way.

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I held a free webinar yesterday to talk more on what makes a sexually masterful man, how does one qualify as a Supercock, and give you more info on the salon that begins next week.

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