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Vagina in Review

It’s been quite a year for my vagina.

It has embarked on many an adventure, lifting coconuts, coffee tables and chandeliers and garden gnomes all over the world.

Showing vaginas everywhere what they are truly capable of.

We’ve been busy.

Here are the top five comments people have made, and happenings this year, inspired by my vagina: ?

1) “Neighbour: My tractor’s stuck in the mud.”
“Me: Hold on, I’ll go get my vagina.” 

Because vaginas are capable of great feats of strength. The average vagina can lift small household objects, moving up to kitchen appliances and light furniture.

I’m going to be starting up a small-move company that will be run entirely by vaginas.

If you have a small, household move coming up, let me know.

2) #cuntstopwontstop

A hashtag comment someone left on one of my lifting pictures.

A lot of people hate this word, but I fucking love it.

Did you know that in Australia, your friends are all cunts? Meaning, it’s a term of endearment.

Oh, how things differ culture-to-culture.

Anyway, you have to admit, this is pretty damn witty.

3) “It’s a good thing those donuts are organic and gluten-free, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take this seriously.”

On me, lifting the best, gluten-free, organic, coconut-maple-bacon donuts ever, in Venice Beach.

This is the equivalent of me Instagramming my breakfast.

But it’s between my legs.

4) A major U.S. television network asked me to shoot ping pong balls with my vagina.

On national television.

Me: “Seriously?”

Them: “Yes, we can put you behind a screen and do it in silhouette.”

The times they have a-changed. The conversation about sex is becoming more acceptable in mainstream culture, which is awesome.

My vagina continues to lead the way.

5) The Great Wall of Vagina.

Me lifting a piece of the Berlin Wall, at the Berlin Wall.

My vagina embarked on a EuroTour this summer. I held a contest amongst my followers, asking them for ideas of unusual objects to lift and interesting places to lift at.

Someone sent me this suggestion (thanks again Santi!) and for that, she won herself entry into the Vaginal Kung Fu Salon.

Did you know that you can buy pieces of the Berlin Wall?

And lift them with your vagina?

Well now you know.


The Vaginal Kung Fu Salon will run again in early February.

For more information about it and to watch a free preview video series on what it’s all about (and get a leg up with some starter exercises before the salon begins), click here to view now.

Make 2016 your best vagina ever!

Much love to you all!


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