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Vaginal Air Guitar

There are some seriously talented vaginas out there.

There’s mine—it lifts chandeliers.

There’s Tatiana’s—she holds the world record for most weight lifted by a vagina, at 31 pounds.

There’s the lady from Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the Ping Pong Ball Shooter Extraordinaire.

There’s the woman I know who is so talented at ejaculating, that she can shoot over fifteen feet across the room, and is called upon to give demos all over the world.

What about an air-guitar playing vagina?

Would you want your vagina to play air guitar?

Actually, no.

You want your vagina to play real guitar.

In today’s video, I explain why.



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2 thoughts on “Vaginal Air Guitar

  1. Hello Kim,
    Great video … I’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument : )
    As soon as I can afford it I will purchase for myself the Salonette Egg.
    I like your style of delivery and your wisdom. Thank you!

  2. Wow… your personality makes your explainations awesome. As a single guy I am remembering to breathe and relax while masterbating. I have noticed the difference.