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What a Rush!

My favorite life mantras have always been along the lines of:

“Go big or go home!”
“If you aren’t scared ^%#$less, you aren’t aiming high enough.”

I did an interview on Urban Rush this week, which was my first television appearance. I had SO MUCH FUN! The hosts were great, I met some wonderful people on set (half-naked boys modelling the season’s newest itty-bitty swimsuits is a bonus – thanks universe, you are very kind) and I nailed it. To me, a fantastic day involves getting out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there in some way. Taking a chance. Pushing myself to be more, bigger, better. That’s when I feel I’m truly living.

Is it possible for every day to be like that? How can we keep raising the bar for ourselves?

I think it is possible. I decided to ask life to keep putting me up for these opportunities and in exchange, I’d keep stepping up to the plate. We choose the pace we move at. We can keep things easy-peasey and relaxed and cruisey or notch it up into the sparkly, fiery zone.

I love the latter.

What keeps you at your edge? Out of your comfort zone? For me, it’s speaking in public, surfing a challenging wave, putting my voice and ideas out in the world. I love doing all those things and I get a massive charge out of them.

Grow or die. Everything in nature is either growing or decaying. Which are you?

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