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Do You Want to Be Wet All the Time?

My lover used to say to me: “You’re wet all the time!”

He’d say it with astonishment.

I didn’t think much of it.

He aroused me to no end, I constantly wanted to fuck him, and I felt totally open to him.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized this isn’t a constant state of being for most women.

In fact, getting wet and staying wet can be a massive source of strife for many.

And, if you listened to the dominant sexual rhetoric that’s out there, you’d go off and buy yourself a bottle of “A girl’s best friend: Lube!!!” and slather it all over your genitals.

Here’s my issue with that.

As a holistic sex and relationship coach, my mission is to get to the root cause of things.

Not to put on Band-Aids.

I believe the body, and our deeper psyche, in their infinite wisdom, are always trying to communicate truth to us.

Truths about our physical health and our spiritual growth.

If we choose to listen.

If you don’t want to listen and don’t want to act, you can use all the Band-Aids you want.

And our current cultural climate accepts that, applauds it even.

If you want to grow in your life, if you want to self-realize and evolve as a person, you try to listen to the messages and apply them in your life.

So what does a dry pussy mean?

Women in their natural state of voraciousness—which truly is the natural state of every woman—are juicy, succulent and wet, wet, wet.

They flow. 

They gush. 

She lubricates and swells just by hearing her lover’s voice. Even thought of him (or her) will cause a rush of blood to her vagina.

Without even being touched.

Women will squirt left, right and centre during G-Spot stimulation, flooding the bed sheets.

And in life?

They flow.

They navigate life with an ease and surrender that allows them to hear and follow their intuitive guidance.

They “go with the flow.”

That essence of flowing is the very nature of the feminine.

When the vagina isn’t lubricating or ejaculating, the major reasons are:

1) Feeling emotionally dry and disconnected.

There is no juice between the two partners, so no juice in the vagina. Unresolved issues, uncommunicated feelings, emotional backlog will all contribute to this.

You need to open the emotional floodgates for the phsyical ones to follow.

2) Lack of foreplay.

If a woman is entered prematurely, she won’t be wet. It’s that simple.

Lube is not the answer.

Deeper connection and stimulation is.

The more a woman overrides her vagina and smothers its voice with lube, the more dissociated she’ll become from it.

3) Weak vagina: Circulation = lubrication.

If there is one major physical reason why women don’t lubricate, it’s because of weak vaginas.

When there is no conscious movement or activity in the vagina, the circulation in the tissues is also atrophied, as well as the muscle tone.

Start vaginal weight lifting and whoooosh!

I have had so many women, especially women in their pre and post-menopausal years, get not just their lubrication back, but make comments like:

“An increase in wetness to tsunamic proportions!”

“Wet, wet, wet! I am 100% wetter. My husband is a happier man!”

4) Weak vagina: PC strength pushes out ejaculate. 

If the vagina is too weak, a woman may be ejaculating, but her vagina can’t even muster up the strength to shoot out the ejaculate.

Those porn scenes of ejaculating hitting the ceiling and walls?

You, too, can have a vagina that does such things.

The normal, healthy baseline for all vaginas is to be able to shoot ping pong balls.

5) Weak vagina. Just fucking everything.

When a woman is dissociated from her vagina, she’s dissociated from her very essence. Her sexual energy is the life-force, the juicy, wild, radiant energy that fuels EVERYTHING.

When she can’t feel it in herself, she’s operating without her compass. Life is listless, boring and without passion.

I’ve said that nearly all women are operating at a vaginal disadvantage.

How many of you can shoot ping pong balls with your vaginas?

If the vagina is strong and articulate, a woman’s sexual energy is flowing optimally and infuses its power and glow into every part of her life.

Yes, you guessed it. A strong vagina fixes all.


The reason I speak so confidently about EVERY woman’s ability to lubricate and ejaculate on demand—regardless of their age of physical condition—is because I have seen the transformations over and over again in my work.

Women come to me and cite whatever reason they have been given as why they aren’t wet.

I give them a few tools, and they are off to the races.

Or, rather, the waterfalls.


Vaginal Kung Fu is here!

VKF badge actual

Are you ready for your new vagina?

It’s ready for you.

When I say that the vagina is the epicenter for your whole existence, I mean it. These are words from Vaginal Kung Fu students:

“I masturbate every day and especially before big meetings. I masturbated right before my last court appearance for the purpose of giving me confidence and putting me in the power position. It worked! My sexual presence is my power play. Not in a sleazy manner – but in a pure energy mode. KAPOW!

And my vagina?! My partner has told me to stop using the jade egg—I’m now too tight! After three kids—what a compliment! And… the ability to “massage” him with my internal muscles—glorious.”

~ Christine, 50 years old

“I am currently being pursued by more men than I will ever have time to respond to. I have had men make websites just to ask me out, take me on incredible dates, and most importantly, the one guy I am into, seems to be equally into me and I am starting a new, exciting, amazing relationship.

Although I have had a very solid and successful career, I can safely say, this past month has been by far the most successful of my entire life. Today, before I sent out a very high-profile email, I did the breathing exercises and vaginal practice and the response was IMMEDIATE: ‘Excellent, let’s close the deal.’

My work with you has been the most significant, highest return investment of my life!

Oh oh oh oh—face f**king lift! Surreal! And yes I did not believe it was possible but once again, you-were-right.”

~ Tatiana, 40 years old

What Tatiana means is that she’s been able to stop using Botox because of the face lift she received from her vaginal weight lifting practice.

Yep, it’s true.

Get your brand new, super-activated vagina today! 

The salon begins in a week.

Sign up now. 

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One thought on “Do You Want to Be Wet All the Time?

  1. I agree with what you say: a womans epicenter is indeed her vagina, because out of this juicy place comes divine entlightment as well as divine joy…!

    Great…! I am sixty one years old and if people say that I dont look like it, it must be because I live that reality. Life flows much better with a happy woman with a happy cunt !