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What to Give? Orgasms. Of Course.

In the spirit of giving, I’m providing suggestions for gifts that the season gives you the excuse to give: sex toys, educational books, lingerie and orgasms. Plenty of orgasms.

Definitely need to give more of those.

There is a concept in Tantric ideology which sees sexual communion as a battle. Not in the cliched sense of conquering someone, but with the idea that the aim of every sexual encounter is to please your partner more than he or she can please you; to outlast the other, tucker them out and draw their fluids out of them. The “victor” was the one who could withstand orgasm the longest, although clearly the “victory” was shared between the two. The spirit of this duel was positive, not showmanship, and a strong effort to please the other person and take them to new heights of ecstasy and awareness.

In that spirit, it’s difficult to tell who is the giver and who is the recipient. A vibrator, used in such a way as to visually stimulate your partner is also a gift to him. A man’s cock ring which builds stamina is also a gift to her.

To arm you with weapons of pleasure, I offer you a selection, more of which will appear in my next post.

Jimmyjane’s Little Chroma is primarily a clitoral vibrator which can also be used internally. It’s powerful, beautiful and looks nothing like a “sex toy.” It’s also made with body-friendly materials, is waterproof and has a replaceable battery. If you are feeling luxurious, it even comes in gold and platinum, diamond-plated versions.

The Enlightened Sex Manual: Sexual Skills for the Superior Lover
is a great erotic compendium by David Deida. He touches on physical techniques: such as how to achieve multiple orgasms in men and women and also goes into the why of different acts. As in, why anal sex is good for you.

Bob and Earl for men by Lelo.

This “gentleman’s toy” is designed for male G-Spot stimulation. It has just the right curve to hit the prostate gland, intensifying his pleasure and orgasm. Bob is made out of silicone and for a more decadent twist, check out gold-plated Earl (image below) with matching cufflinks. I like the idea of the cufflinks worn as a secret code: “I want to play with Earl tonight.” It can easily be used for female G-Spot play. It’s versatile.

Jimmyjane massage candle: Afterglow.

Light the soy candle and scoop the warm, melted oil into your hands and onto your lover. They’re paraben-free, scented with essential oils and come in fragrances like Absinthe and Sugarwater, Vetiver and Honey, Lychee and Lapsang. Divine. They burn for up to 42 hours.

A Sexual Savant Salon. Choose from The Multi-Orgasmic Couple, The Art of Pleasuring a Man/Woman and more. Skills to become a better lover and how to utilize the aforementioned gift suggestions. Learn a variety of concepts and techniques to become multi-orgasmic, activate your G-Spots (his and hers) and incorporate Tantra into your life.

Remember, the receiving is in the giving.

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