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8 23

Your Deepest Truth

How do we find truth?  

A question pondered for millennia.

Sometimes, the fastest way to find truth is to stop looking for it.

When we’ve ransacked every corner of our mind, trying to uncover the answer, it’s often time to stop and go do something else.

Like have an orgasm.

Or go for a run.

Or help someone else solve their problem.

The idea is to get out of ourselves, to take the focus off us, so that just maybe, the truth can bubble to the surface like the unwatched pot finally boiling.

The name of the Greek God, Dionysus, means “he who comes.”

He is associated with the idea of “epiphany”: the divine revelation that arises unexpectedly.

Dionysus is known for his merry-making: he dances, drinks wine, plays music and has copious amounts of sex.

These are his tools.

Dionysus is often depicted coming tearing out of the forest, bursting through the unconscious mind, and is pure, primal, uncensored energy.

He isn’t frightening because he’s so fierce.

He’s frightening because he’s so raw and unpredictable.

As is truth.

The techniques Dionysus employs are ways we can bypass the rational mind and gain access to the wisdom and truth of the unconscious. Our unfettered selves.

Epiphany rises to the surface.

When we get out of the way.

It is here, that we tap into “the oracle;” the divine flow that lies often just out of reach of our human grasping.

In sex, we come. We “come into” ourselves. We tap into the fertile, feeling part of existence where we can flow without the censorship of rational thought.

It is this transcendent state we all crave when we pick up an after-work drink, or thrust ourselves on the vertical face of a mountain or feel the shudders of orgasm through our bodies.

We want to quiet our mind chatter and tap into the flow of something greater. Something beyond words or recriminations. We want to just BE.

Sex can help us to become unstuck in our daily patterns and tune into the rhythm of life.

There have been studies pointing out the similarities between sex and meditation. Both have been shown to help us shut off our “chatter mind.”

And truth can rise to the surface.

I find that anything which gets me into my body, and out of my head, is helpful. Yoga, Pilates, running, swimming, dancing—and sex, of course.

Anything that creates rhythm.

Being of service to other people is something else that helps immensely to find truth. Really engaging with and listening to someone else gets your attention off you. It gets you out of your head and into someone else’s.

And in those crucial moments when you aren’t in your head, your thoughts have a chance to rearrange themselves. The unnecessary ones disperse. And you are left with what’s true.

Some of my best ideas come after a good run.

Or a cataclysmic orgasm.

So the next time you are pondering a difficult decision, go do something else.

And see what comes.


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