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Your Life Matters

I’ve been asked to give my thoughts on current global racial events.

If you know me and my work, I’m all about looking at deeper themes and messages and how we can use challenges as opportunities for growth.

I wanted to take some time and think about the things I’ve been seeing, so that I could offer something with more depth to my followers than simply a hashtag or particular image on my Instagram page. 

So here it is. 

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Image: Bisa Butler

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17 thoughts on “Your Life Matters

  1. I appreciate your perspective and value it. I recently saw Ava DuVernay’s film on Netflix “Locked up in the land of the free” and for the first time I felt my own guard somewhere inside, subtle, my programming around people of color. I live in Denmark but am half American and have never considered an issue to be bothered with. I realise now that for humanity to come into unity truly is must see all races and living creatures for that matter as equal; that should be a torch of light. But to see someones humanity truly I believe it has it’s place and time to fully acknowledge their pain and to transform it in ourselves and in all. That work IS part of the generational ancestral healing. Also for people of color to see what beliefs about themselves they have accepted and been subjected too. We can all learn from this; to question our assumptions and what we were brought up to believe about ourselves and the world. Love

  2. I am speechless. This so eloquently expressed my thoughts and gave me so much language for understanding and going deeper within myself. Thank you so much for showing up as fully and freely as you so powerfully do.

  3. Thank you Kim, you are an inspiration with your life’s work and I am very grateful for you following your passion and all the help you have provided by doing your work. Bless your heart, I took the sexual mastery for men from you 3 yrs ago in October, I had left a 38 yr relationship after a 2 yr separation and then divorced. You opened my mind to all that was damaged in me in the salon and it was work that I needed to do to heal and make it possible to love myself. Your courage in following your passion and speaking your truth has helped so many of us who have found you on our journey forward and I am so grateful for all you did and continue to do to be your authentic self. Thank you for your dedication to service of others and bless you for guiding us all in loving ourselves so we may better love each other . Love to you always-Don

  4. Beautiful post Kim. “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi. True change comes from within. If someone isn’t demonstrating the outward familiar signs of support for a cause, it’s entirely possible they are doing something much more powerful within.

  5. Dear Kim,
    I so appreciate your message and your point of view. Thank you for your boldness and clarity.

  6. It is about empowering the individual. In the US it always has been. WatchIng these highly educated idiots project their inadequacies on a group of people they know nothing about is disgusting. Your video of the younger explaining to the white activist, I don’t need your help and she is arguing with her shows how bad the education system is. Police brutality is really but rare. There are some young people on tik tok who are questioning but this guy wasn’t good he had real Issues and addictions why are we holding him up.? This has moved to a. classic communistic movement to attack the police.
    Life matters Black lives get worst after riots death toll increase dramatically in Baltimore, Ferguson etc. it is a the down fall of the US teach what to think and not how to think!

  7. Sorry about the typo, I know it was YOUR LIFE MATTERS not all life matters. Thanks for this video.

  8. Hi, I just watched your all lives matter video. I’m a black woman living in America who took one of your courses a few years ago. Connecting with my womb and doing the yoni egg vaginal work helped me on so many levels and in particular the womb meditation helped me break through some blocks in a spiritual alchemy class I was taking at the time. I agree that you don’t have to post a black square or censor yourself or join an awareness campaign you don’t fully agree with. I also agree with and love Orgasms are Anti Racist, fabulous truth and affirmation. I also agree about reincarnation and living as various beings, genders, race, etc. However, since we don’t all remember our past lives, we don’t really know that do we? Maybe we were never actually black or Asian on earth, maybe we were a Sasquatch or an Abdronedan or other being. And even if you believe that you learned the lesson of oppression regardless because you had the experience just not on earth or you learned it through your dna via your ancestors or through the morphogenetic field, there’s still deeper learnings to be received that are happening in this moment, with this earth community and what’s in the collective consciousness right now. I also take issue with the spiritual/belief system discussion of racism that seems to allege that if I champion dismantling white supremacy, white privilege and racism, I must believe I’m less, incapable, buy into something that keeps me stuck, etc. That’s not true, it’s not an automatic thing. What we should do and need as spiritual beings can be very different from what we need systemically in our institutions and society. As an attorney, I don’t think it would be wise for me to champion a system that addresses a rapist’s or abuser’s spiritual or kharmic needs but didn’t also separate that person from society to protect society. This is what the view you describe does. We’re not all at the same spiritual level or understanding or interpretation, etc., meanwhile government, systems and institutions have a duty to all and that duty is being enacted inequitably and people want to keep it that way when we all have to pay into it (unless you’re a billionaire). I hold beliefs very similar to yours and the young black Hispanic woman and the biracial young man, however, I have worked very hard and believe in myself but still been massively impacted by the systemic racism that is rampant in American life. That young woman is right that we should not believe we are oppressed and believe that we are free, know it and live it. But that doesn’t dismantle the systems that are in place. We believe that AND challenge the powers that be that don’t fund predominantly African American schools the way they fund predominantly white schools. I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

  9. Your Life Matters is AMAZING. I’ve tuned out the nonsense, so it’s such a joy to hear someone speak some common sense. I’m so impressed. Keep up the great work – you’re bringing us closer to God. Amen and hallelujah!!!!

  10. I am glad that for once we find someone-Kim-who has decided to not just go the easy way and give into the bullying PC crowd demanding genuflection to their cause in exchange for temporary relief and cheap hypocritical virtue signaling. These issues of class and race are more complex than just the simplistic morality tale which is routinely shoved down our throats. The same folks who love to show how “enlightened” they are are the same ones who willingly sleaze and slime their way up the greasy pole of their large organizations to further their careers; these same organizations which do everything in their power to make sure that the powers-that-be get more and all the rest of us get less. Listen to George Carlin. This is more of a class than racial issue, which is something that the Left has forgotten in their mad push towards toxic identity politics to divide us, while the powerful and wealthy do what they want.

  11. Fantastic Kim, your words reflect the power of intention, and how the Universal law of Attraction, is always working.
    I think it was Wayne Dyer who said, Energy Flows, where Attention Goes, and we can’t continue to beat the drum of suppression, lack of justice, or especially the new Shame Game, so many want to play.
    Thanks for standing up for your truth, (as you always have), and helping bring some needed spiritual perspective to light.