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Your Orgasm Tells You Everything

Your orgasm is a mini version of you. It’s your DNA, really.  


It’s a snapshot.

Just like your DNA, it is a blueprint of who you are.

It tells us everything we need to know.

It holds every ounce of your life potential.

And from it we can see deeply into you.

How you orgasm is how you live.

Do you ejaculate too fast?

I bet you back away from certain challenges. Or have a hard time being seen. Or are afraid to go deep.

Do you have a hard time getting to orgasm at all? So you like to be in control. You have a tough time letting go.

The orgasm always knows.

The good thing about this, about your orgasm “problems” is that they give you very accurate feedback about where you are in your life.

They aren’t a permanent state.

They are only a reflection of your current one.

People often come to me, stressed about their orgasm challenges.

The best, most empowering, thing you can do, is to look at your orgasm as a barometer for the rest of your life.

When you do that, when you fully own your orgasm—or lack thereof—then you can shift it.

Or rather, you can shift your life, and your orgasm will follow.

Sometimes we can start with the orgasm. But usually the work is deeper than that.

You need to start with you.

If you listen to the message your orgasm is giving you, how can you apply that insight to your life?

Because I’m telling you, there is no clearer voice than your orgasm.

In all its manifestations, your genital wisdom has the answer.

Do you have a hard time getting lubricated?

You likely have a tough time “going with the flow” in your life.

Are your erections weak? Where else are you impotent in your world?

It’s all connected.

Your orgasm is the stuff of life.

It’s the essence of you.


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