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Are Great Lovers Born or Made?

At my Bali retreat this past May, I was speaking with an Australian couple over dinner. Everyone eats communally at my retreats, adding to the bonding and depth in the group.

They told me about a book called Born to Run.

It’s the best book I’ve read in 18 years (since 100 Years of Solitude).

The author, Christopher McDougall, tells the stories of the greatest long-distance runners in the world. The ultra-marathoners.

As part of his research, he ventures down to a remote area in Mexico to find a legendary tribe of people who are known for their ability to run.

For days.

For hundreds of miles.

For fun.

100 miles just for the hell of it.

He finds the tribe and as he observes them and other world-class runners—those who have the best science, supplements and running shoes—and what he finds is that no one is faster than these Mexicans.

There is one thing that the Mexican runners and those who are almost as fast as the Mexicans, have in common though: They. Love. To. Run.

What he concludes, is that humans are born to run. We are made to run. Running is part of who we are and it makes us happy.

You know what’s giving us all the running-related injuries?

Running shoes.


We are born great lovers.

What smothers over that natural knowing, is running shoes false conditioning.

We inherit cultural taboos. We take on the inhibitions of our families.

We disconnect from our internal knowing of what is right and natural, and start looking to the outside for what to believe.

Much of the work I do is about unwinding the unnatural. Getting rid of the walls that blocked off our sexual energy. Opening up the heart.

Fifty Cosmo articles about how to “GREAT ORAL SEX TIPS TO DRIVE HIM WILDZ!!!” mean nothing in the face of you falling in love with your man, and falling in love with his genitalia, so deeply, that it becomes an obsession.

You’ll do anything for that man. And his erection.

You’d rather perform fellatio than eat food. Because it’s more nourishing. (Again, science backs me up here).

The genital love gets you so high, that you forget to eat.

And that’s what we call The Come Diet.

You “come into” yourself. You “come out” sexually, and integrate your creative, orgasmic energy into every part of your life.

You make more money.

You look and feel more beautiful.

You are able to take your natural gifts and give them to the world.

All because you were able to uncover your true, sexual nature.

And live from that place.

Like I’ve said before, people who aren’t connected to their sexual energy are living at a massive deficiency.

The same way that 80% of runners (those who wear running shoes) develop some kind of debilitating running injury, 80%—or more like 95% as I explain in this video—of people who stifling their sexuality, will manifest some kind of aliment.

It might be unusual growths on the breasts or prostate. Or excess weight. Or constant financial struggle. Or depression.

We may be born to run.

We’re also born for sexual pleasure.

If you aren’t experiencing it and all the myriad benefits it brings, you need to ditch the running shoes and get back to your natural state.

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