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Better Sex From Every Angle

Whenever I’m giving a talk or working with someone, I aim to open people up to better sex from every angle: physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually. The very best sex is a multidimensional experience which involves all these parts of you.


Today is the first of a four-part series on how to open from each of these angles. We’ll start with the physical and since I have two articles out this month on the topic, I’m going to send you there. I wrote a piece on Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Conscious Divas. Did you know that Incan warriors used to take maca to fortify themselves before battle and before sex? It’s a daily staple for me. Saffron doubles as a potent aphrodisiac and an anti-depressant, matching Prozac in clinical studies.

Herbs are fantastic in that they have long-term restorative effects on the body and the mind–as opposed to being Band-Aids. They will kickstart your libido. You still need to come at rejuvenating your sex life from these other angles, but you can use herbs to help you remember what it feels like to be turned on and fired up.

My piece How to Be an Amazing Lover was featured this week on Crazy Sexy Life. In it, I talk about concrete, physical steps you can take to create new habits in your relationship–with yourself and your partner. I go into sex dates, thousand-dollar vibrators and other keys to improving intimacy today. (You don’t need the thousand-dollar vibrator. But it’s awfully pretty).

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