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The Cost of a Bad Relationship is $100,000-

Actually, I’ve seen it go much higher than that.

Millions? Hundreds of millions?

I’m not talking about the cost of getting divorce.

I’m talking about staying in a relationship that you know has run its course.

I’m all for working shit out.

I really am.

Much of my business is founded on techniques to help couples go deeper, to do the powerful, conscious, internal work that will slay each other’s demons and rebirth into the highest versions of themselves.

What about when one person just doesn’t want to grow any further?

Or you both don’t?

What happens when you stay somewhere that is

Grow or die.

You can only remain in stasis for so long.

Just like the tide comes in and goes out, everything in nature has a growth and retraction phase.

There is only a brief moment of a slack tide—in-between the tide going in and out—where it pauses.

That is your respite, to make a decision.

If you don’t act, then you start to die.

It’s small things at first.

You get turned down for a business opportunity you know you ought to have landed.

Sexual flow = financial flow. 

But you shrug it off, to “Oh, well. Guess it wasn’t meant to happen.”

Your house starts growing mould in it.

A symptom of stagnation and dankness. 

But, you live in a humid climate, and everyone gets mould in their bathrooms, right?

Then you’re children start acting out.

They are an extension of you. 

But they’re teenagers. All teenagers do this, right?

You gain a few pounds. Not sure why. You eat well, and exercise and you’ve changed nothing in your routine. Yet…?

Everything is written on the body. 

But you assume it’s “hormones.” After all, you’re getting to “that age”.

You get a “growth” on your reproductive organs. Or an unfavourable test result.

Everything is written on the body. 

But everyone has these things nowadays, right? It’s kinda like catching the common cold.

And the list goes on.

The death of your relationship starts to seep into every nook and cranny of your life.

Nothing is safe.

Your health, your body, your work, your house, your children, your friendships.

All of it starts to cave under the weight of the shit you are not dealing with.

That you are trying to let sit in the corner and deny the stagnation of.

Denial is an illusion.

The truth starts to inscribe itself onto every part of your being and life.

Three years later, ten years later, there are mountains of problems.

And when the messages get deafening, maybe you pay attention.

Maybe you leave.

And get your life and your growth back.


The cost of letting things build up is immense.

Most people don’t put it together though.

They have no idea that the decline of everything in their lives is related to their dead relationship.

I have had clients get sued for millions of dollars, lose internal organs, their children commit suicide.

Does this mean you are to blame for all of these things, even the behaviour of other people?

No—everyone has their own part to play.

What I am saying is that the ecosystem of your relationship does not exist in isolation.

What I am saying, is that you matter.

Your energy matters and it affects everyone in your sphere.

If it is ill or dead, that deterioration spreads out to all other areas of your life. Everything you touch is now tainted with it.

You become a black hole.

If your relationship is healthy and thriving, the ecosystem of your true selves is blossoming, you will “pollinate” everything around you.

Your growth will help and inspire others to grow.

By osmosis.

You develop the Midas Touch.

Everything you touch turns to gold.

You can dig in to the relationship you are in now, and do the work to grow it.

To grow yourselves.

Or you move on. And find someone else to grow with.

Or, you can watch the carnage of your life unfold.

And then maybe, when you’ve been beaten into the ground, you get up.

And you choose growth.

The cost of a bad relationship is $100,000++++

The benefit of a good one is all that and then some.



The 30-Day Sex Challenge

For all of you who have taken up the challenge, how is it going?

If you’d like to share with me on Facebook how you are doing, come on over and let me know!      https://www.facebook.com/KimAnami/

I mentioned in my last email that we are going to hold the challenge as a contest.

Those of you who keep up the 30 days, you can either send me a written or video message and explain how the 30 days have gone and what changes you have seen over this time period. If it’s video, you can send me a private link; if you are feeling bold, it can be a public one.

How are you more connected? Have you had more orgasms? What other life changes have you seen?

Someone will win a space in the Coming Together for Couples salon, which begins in early May.

To review, here are the rules:

The Rules: 

Rule #1: Have sex every day. It can be oral, anal, vaginal or manual. Something has to be inserted somewhere, on someone.

Rule #2: You can do a  “makeup sex” day twice during the 30 days. The point is to connect daily.

Read the full guidelines here.

The end of the 30-day window is May 3rd. Send me your entries that weekend, and we’ll make the call that week on who gets to Come Together.

May the best fuckers win!




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