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FUKME Superspreaders Are Everywhere!

We here at WFW News have been bringing you the latest coverage of the FUKME epidemic.

These latest variants and FUKME Superspreaders are totally out of control—running around, trying to infect everyone with their hysteria, irrationality, division and hatred.

Whatever will we do? How will we get out of this worldwide pandemic?

In this special broadcast of WFW News, world expert Dr. Kim Anami of the CUFDC (Center for Underf**ked Disease Control) is interviewed, weighing in with her advice on how we can rid the world of FUKME, once and for all.

If anyone can save us, she can.

Tune into this special broadcast for her step-by-step protocols on eradicating the dangerous FUKME epidemic.

This video is a must-watch for anyone desiring to do their part.

We must all come together to rid the world of FUKME.

Watch this very important (and maybe hilarious) video now:



In other breaking news:
The Well-F**Ked Woman Salon opens next week! 

Permanently eradicating FUKME, one orgasm at a time!

In this 8-week how-to-live-love-and-orgasm-in-a-female-body education you never received, you’ll learn how to:

– Master the technical skills of deep throating, anal sex and wild hand jobs and how to use these sex acts to accelerate your personal growth and transformation
Achieve the deeper, life-changing, vaginal orgasms
– Channel your creative, orgasmic, sexual energy into your life and work, accessing your genius
– Clear sexual blocks and release your unprocessed “weight”
– Live and love in your feminine energy, accessing an even deeper and more magnetic power than you ever thought possible
– And much more!

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See you inside!


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5 thoughts on “FUKME Superspreaders Are Everywhere!

  1. Is there a link for this video so I can send it to friends? It’s freaking AWESOME!! Perfect timing with WFW coming up! ?
    Good job Kim for keeping a straight face during filming! Love it!

    1. Yes, you can send them directly to this page!

      Haha, I had to do a few takes because of exactly that! x

  2. So funny and accurate as always!The one of the rare voices of reason out there. And, yeah, it’s so important to check what’s in the shot haha – so deep on many levels (to list only a few: how is your man’s energy, values and nutrition?)